Best two-person desk home office furniture in 2020

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At, we focus on newlywed couples, especially on their home furnishing. Today, the focus is on two person desk home office furniture. As you can imagine, most of the recently married couples spend a lot of their time with each other. They go out with dates as they walk around the malls and going to shop for gifts for the partner. They may also have dates at the parks from where they are just sitting on one of the benches as they are feeling fresh. They probably spend their time together at any place they want to, a local concert of their favorite band or go to their most preferred restaurant. Some also have a cinema night or game night. They may have their own day as they travel abroad or out of the town to create new memories and experiences. However, some couples just like to watch movies on Netflix, and to cook their favorite food at home.

Some individuals still compromise their own personal time for their partners. They prefer to play games with their partner or even do some fitness exercises together. They stay close with each other, just to feel safe and secured. They certainly cherish every moment to be with each other.

Quality time is needed for newlyweds – use dual-desk

Reality definitely reveals that not all the time on earth must be spent and given to your partner. You have your own work and personal errands to do alone. You are about to catch up meeting. You may even need to fix some issues in your office or to go somewhere all by yourself. There are also moments you badly need to drop by to your parent’s house or you really need to finish some files and documents at home. Indeed, it is not guaranteed that you are around your wife or husband most of the time.

Perhaps, there are instances that your schedule is so occupied and jam-packed, from which you really cannot spend even a day for your partner. It is truly heart-breaking and miserable to remain busy with each other. A simple dinner together might be turned down, or even a time of coffee with your spouse is so difficult to find.

Through the hectic schedules, a couple might gain misunderstanding in their relationship. First, their communication will be difficult. They will have no time to talk or to open up with each other. Arguments may arise that cause them to never understand one’s feelings. They may grow apart or forget to bring appreciation for one another. Their sexual relationship as a couple may also be affected. Furthermore, lack of time together can give traumas and suffer for their relationship. Of course, no one likes to bring their relationship to this depressing situation, right?

To prevent those kinds of unpleasant scenarios, it is important for the couple to prioritize their time together. They may start their day by having their breakfast together or driving each other to their office. They may also prepare for their dinner at home, or have a glass a wine before sleeping. Through these simple efforts, they may still burn their love, trust, and compassion to each other.

Other than this, a good couple desk can bring marriage’s lives happier and better. This kind of furniture can help to bond them together. You may set up a home office in an existing living room or if you can afford, a vacant room in your home. Yes, it is a piece of furniture, and simply accommodates both the husband and the wife. Let me introduce you to the two-person desk home office furniture.

best two-person desk for home office

Two-person desk for home office

Couple’s desks or two-person desks are dual tables that can be used by a couple or by two individuals. Two computers or laptops may be placed here. As a décor enthusiast, I would also suggest placing pairs of every office supplies such as swivel chairs, trash bin, paper storage, and pen holders at each side of the table. Each person may use this desk as their workstation from where it caters to all the activities they need to accomplish.

A one-person table can only be seated by one person. Thus, if both persons are working at the same time, there is simply no extra space to accommodate the other partner. Depending on their work priority, they may begin to nag to each other as they wait for their turns in using the office table. In a similar case, other couples may decide to work at the kitchen, or in the bedroom, while waiting for their partner to free up the one-person desk. From time to time, the lack of proper working space may lead to a quarrel between them. Thus, I suggest you get one of the dual-desk for the home office.

Unlike the common one-person office table, a couple’s desk or dual-desk is innovated to satisfy two individuals in just a single long desk. With this, both can work at the same time and spend quality time together right at their home. This interesting desk may also be called a two-in-one table or long desk for 2. A single person desk can also have one design, couple desk may have a partnered decoration for both of the sides or individually-styled sides. Usually, the two-person workstations are always intertwined and combined.

Benefits of two-person workstations

Also, these two-person tables are designed to let the couple use nearer working places to each other. They can easily talk, laugh, and help each other when they use this kind of table. It also gives them heads up to each other whether someone is stressed or in a bad mood. Therefore, the partner may do something to lighten up the mood, and may give appreciation to lessen the distress. The couple may also be bonded to one another and it can cause them to be more familiar to one’s strengths and weaknesses. Other than that, this couple’s desk extends the couple’s time to one other, even though they are busy working. As long as they see, talk a little, or feel one another, it may spice up their relationship.

In that case, this guide shows several creative and fancy couple’s desks that can help your relationship with your spouses to be more stable, as you have the same area to work. There are some recommended styles and arrangements that you may use as you start building your office at home.

Side by side Arrangement

The easiest arrangement for a table shared by two people is a side by side arrangement. You only need a long rectangular table that is placed parallel to the walls. The chairs must position side by side, and the office materials can be placed next to their computer. This arrangement is also called a long desk for 2.

Holders or racks may be shared, but individual objects like mouse, notepads, keyboards, and staplers must be provided for the two persons. Thus, the monitors must also be placed next to each other. Lamps could be only at the side far from the window, but both sides could also put side lamps for better lightings. The pen holders may also be placed in the middle of the table. This may let the couple to share markers and pens to each other. However, it is advisable to have two sets of pens for each other, especially when both of the spouses need to use an item at the same time. As for fillings and documents, each spouse’s papers may also be placed in another storage separate from one another to prevent the mixing up of papers. Other than these things, bins, printers, and others may be shared.

long desk for two can have a single design. The color and brand of the chairs may be the same. However, it is also important to let the partner decide what he or she wants. It is also suggested that maybe the design of the other side of the table differs from the other. The other may look manly, while the other may look more feminine. Nevertheless, it is the choice of the couple.

The side by side table can be an ideal setup for small space, due to its minimal and simple design. It could be placed inside the bedroom, along the hallway, or just inside a small home office. It can also be paired with a nice bulletin board hanged on the wall that may reserve from notes and lists of tasks. Side by side table is the easiest to place inside your home, so you can have ease in picking the right table for you. To choose from the side by side tables, here is the list you may order online.

Nexera’s Liber-T 3 Piece Double Writing Desk Set

This two-person desk has three layers of filing cabinets in the middle. It is made from certified particle board and MDF material that weighs 68 pounds. It also measures 19.8” by 47.8” by 29.8”. The table can be available in colors white and walnut. You can order it at and check the price below.

long desk for 2

2-Person Computer Home Office Desk with Storage Shelf

This Amazon’s choice table is ready to be occupied by two-person. There is a layer shelf in the middle of the table that can serve as storage for paper documents and computer accessories. It is made from solid particle wood that is being held by metal frames that are 1.2mm thick. This is very stable and high resistance from scratch and friction. This desk measures 78.7” by 23.6” by 30.1”, which means it is ideal for small space. This desk can be multi-functional as a computer desk, crafting table, or training tables. As you buy it, you still need to assemble it, but all needed tools and instructions are already provided inside the packaging. This two-person computer desk is available in colors weathered grey and black. Click on the check price below to find out its cost.
Weathered Grey Finish 79’ inch 2 person computer desk

Tribesigns’ 94.5 inches Computer Desk

This desk can accommodate two person seated next to each other. This two-person table is preferably for computers. It has an open shelf from both ends, and a layer of wood at the top part of the table. This double workstation measures 94.5” by 23.6”. It is made from one-inch thick E1 class particle board and metal frames to those the boards. As you received it after shipping, you can use tools and read instructions for the assembling of the desk. It has anti-slip foot pads to prevent scratches on the floor. This L-shaped desk is offered at and please check the price below.

Tribesigns Computer Desk

Face to Face Arrangement

Another way to set up a dual-desk is through face to face. In this case, you can talk to your partner easier as you ask them for an idea or solution to a problem. It is better to put the computer’s monitor parallel to the other monitor because it will help the couple not to be distracted facing each other directly.

The couple may use a rectangular table from where they are sitting from different sides facing each other. It is somehow the same as the workmate’s table but there are no dividers. Other partners try to use a large square table to cater to all their needs and have their own rectangular spaces.

The screens, keyboards, mouse, and other gadgets may be identical to one another to make the table as a one.

Some ideas of face to face desk can be seen below. You may inspirations from these designs and may be used at your lovely abodes.

2 person desk Ikea Hack

There are two-person tables available at IKEA, and you check it on their website. There is also a possibility to perform an Ikea hack on a single desk to make it suitable for two persons. This wooden dual-desk can blend perfectly into home offices. It can cater to two individuals that are facing each other. A specific table offered there is in the shape of a square and can carry monitors. It the best to use two pairs of chairs to that table, especially swivel chairs to make look for an office desk.

2 person desk Ikea Hack

You can do an IKEA hack to make a square single desk to be a face to face arrangement workstation for home office. Ideal for small space.

Barbaga Kurgan’s Husband and Wife Project

Kurgan, together with Shauna and Stephen Loidolt, made their home office design last 2012. The theme they used was for the husband and wife team project. They feature a two desk table facing each other from which it has storage beneath the table. There are no computers in the table but has different items. Both sides also have their lamps and identical chairs. The style is very minimalist with is neutral colors.

Barbaga Kurgan Husband and Wife Project

via CL

Corner Office or Double L-shaped Desks

Aside from the side by side and face to face couple’s desk, another interesting design is the corner 2 person desk. It offers more spaces for the partners and provides larger storage for one another. This corner office is composed of two L-shaped desks that are attached to each other. Basically it looks like a big-T table. Each side can provide an L-shape space, so each couple and either faces each other or be seated next to one another. The computers may be placed on the walls or can be placed in the middle. The middle, if free, can be used as storage or drawers. The middle space can also provide spaces for several holders and racks. Other than these, the corner office provides large floor spaces and more storage beneath the table.

Utmost Furniture’s Two-person T Shaped Workstation

This double L-shaped desk is made from commercial-grade melamine that is one inch thick top. It resists scratches, burns, and stains, which makes the table preserves its color. The color of the table is espresso with silver elegance handles. It has a privacy screen in the middle that serves as a divider. It also has a lock and key cabinet. It is available at, simply check the price by click on the button below. Unfortunately, this is not suitable for a small space. Hence, if you have a tiny home, do not buy this T shaped workstation desk. Look for other two person desk instead.

T shape dual desk

This is a super large T desk table for two persons. May not be very suitable for small space home.

Bestier’s L-Shaped Computer Desk

You can buy two of this L-shaped desk and just place them next to each other. It will make you two corner offices for you and your partner. The Bestier’s L-shaped table is 59.45” in length, but can also be adjusted to become a long desk. This table is naturally made from thick wood held by sturdy metal X-frame and wide steel tubes. It looks minimalist but very stylish. It can hold several items and equipment. Furthermore, there are no hassles under the desk so the couple can comfortably stretch their legs. On the other hand, the large legroom can turn in to storage for files, laptops, and other electronic gadgets. Remember to check the latest price on amazon directly.

L-Shaped Computer Desk

Alternating Two-Person Table

This kind of table is somehow similar to the face to face the desk, but differences from its position. This alternating table looks like a letter Z table from which half of both tables are connected to each other. This kind of two-person table has two rectangular tables that can hold computers and other documents at the top. Through this style, the couple can face the computer, yet they can still glance at their partner. Other are several online companies that offer this home-made style of the two-person desk. One of that is from Jonathan Field.

Jonathan Field’s Two-Person Desk

This table is made from solid English oak desk. There are two desks that was cut on the cross for the edges to stand together. The table’s dimension is 70” by 28” by 29”. This couple’s desk is available at

Jonathan Field Two-Person Desk

Which table arrangement is good for a small space?

The style and arrangement you may use as a couple depending on the room’s size. If you have a small apartment or small house, consider the face to face or side by side arrangement. On the other hand, if you have a larger space, perhaps the double L-shaped (T-Shaped) or an alternating two-person desk is a good combination.

Other considerations when choosing a dual-desk for home office

After choosing the table’s arrangement that suits the size of your home office, you may now consider other decors. Since you are a couple, you may want to have similar decor on your desk, so to make it looks zen. Both of you may decide what style you like, whether ancient, modern, vintage, or classic styles of the room’s aura.

Next is to consider a color scheme that fits well with the room. The most suggested colors are pastel colors like pitch, powder yellow, light pink; and neutral colors like cream, black, white, navy, grey, and brown. You may have combinations of colors to set the colors for tables different from the chairs. As long as it blends with each other, it can make your workplace look gorgeous.

How couple’s desk helps improve newlywed’s relationship

Indeed, it is important for a couple to make time for each other. In spite of a very busy schedule, they need to spend time together. Nothing better to spend quality time together at a home office, without kids running around. Their good communication with one another can affect the whole aspect of their partnership.

The partner must respect, show care, and give effort to his or her spouse. Showing this affection can be reflected in oneself if he or she buys a single item that can help to grow their relationship. Yes, a simple gift can make a difference. For that reason, I am suggesting these two-person desks for the home office. Sitting beside or near your husband or wife will connect both of you. Always remember that you must build the foundation of your love inside your home.

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Best two-person desk home office furniture in 2020
Best two-person desk home office furniture in 2020
$59.99 $114.07
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