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Real Serbian Chef Knife Review

It’s a common sight to see regular knives in the kitchen of every home. You may have bought the same knife, right? Do you ever think of giving a try to a chef knife? We know that most of you may not have heard about chef knife. It has many types and each has slightly different style to meet comfort level and fits for purpose it is designed for. Which means, the best chef knife for you may not be an ideal home knife for other. Therefore, when choosing one, you have to consider many things.

What is the Serbian chef knife?

To understand Serbian chef knife. We need to know what a chef knife is. According to Wikipedia, a chef knife is also known as cook’s knife. The original design was used to cut and slice large chunk of beef. It features a blade of a usual length of eight inches and a width of one and a half inches. Some of the models of cooking knife have a size of 6 to 14 inches. Moreover, it has either a forged or stamped blade. In addition, their blade is mostly made of carbon steel. Some chef knives will have stainless steel, laminated or ceramic blades. It is much better than those regular kitchen knives. It can do the slicing, dicing, chopping and whatever that you can do with regular knives.

As to Serbian chef knives, these kitchen tool looks more like a Chinese cleaver. Unlike the squarish Chinese cleaver, Serbian chef knives have curved edge. Some people refer Serbian chef knife as almazan kitchen knife. According to Almazan Kitchen, it is claimed that Almazan is not really a town in Spain or in Serbia. Instead, the term Almazan refers to the brothers’ family name: Boki and Alex Almazan. Both brothers come from Balkan Peninsula, Serbia and it is likely why people know these kitchen knife as Serbian chef knife.

Serbian chef knives are considered the finest cleaver in the world. It is versatile and perfect for cutting meat, dicing vegetables, slicing herbs, chopping nuts, and so on. On the other hand, these may not be ideal for disjointing some cuts, slicing bread, peeling, carving dense meat. Blacksmiths are experts at making this knife using special steel. It can cut almost anything without putting an extra effort. It can be used at home, at restaurant and especially at outdoor when you go on a picnic or vacation. In fact, some people refer these cleavers as hunters Serbian chef knife.

what is serbian chef knife

History of Serbian Chef Knife

Serbian Chef Knives history is a unique one. The ancient people implied quenching technology to design the world-class knives which are known today as Serbian Chef Knife. It is prepared from the Serbian sarschach steel. The manufacturing of these kinds of knives is done in Germany, France or Serbia. To know more about it, you have to go back deeper into history.

Why Almazan chef knife is a perfect choice for homeowners?

These Almazan chef’s knives are regarded as one of the best choice for homeowners. It makes you feel like a professional chef. It can be used as a cleaver too. Let’s delve straight to the how these knives could be right as food preparation tool.

Extremely Hard

Serbian Chef Knife’s blade is made from hardened carbon steel. It follows the traditional forging technique. Nowadays, it’s much easier to find knives with a steel blade. While, these are easy to clean and care but they are prone to corrosion. On the other hand, a hardened carbon steel blade is more durable for a chef’s knife. Their hardness value lies between 58 to 60 Rockwell C (HRC). As reported on, knives with blade of 58 to 60 HRC remain sharp longer than any cheaper knives. This in turn means you spent more now for a better return on your investment in the long term. This is a long-lasting product to be kept in your kitchen. Oh and its handle is designed with modern wood, very cool eh!

Can cut any raw food item

Yes, you heard it right. It is capable to cut or chop meat, vegetable or wood. This versatility makes it a great option for homeowners. These Serbian style knives are even better for hunters in the while. With hunter knives like these, you can hack any hard bone easily.

Cool Design

The edges are highly sharped by the craftsmen using natural knife grinders that are mined at the Balkan Mountain Range of Serbia. It is best to use in difficult conditions like the wild. Its design gives it a tough look. You will impress any guests coming to your home with the cool design of this Serbian Chef knife. Its appearance will adore your kitchen set.

How should you care for a Serbian Chef Knife?

The blades of Almazan chef knife are coated with oil for keeping the metal in the good condition. As we told you before, the blades are of carbon steel so you have to protect it from rust. Wash it with soap after buying it. Also, always wash and dry it quickly after using it (Yes, keep it dry!). Never expose it to humidity. Apply vegetable oil after drying it with a towel to prevent the rust attack on the blade. Carbon steel requires a little extra care. If it loses the sharpness then knife sharpeners will help in bringing the sharpness back. It doesn’t matter how many times you use this knife, its sharpness and shining of the blade will last longer only when you take care of it properly. Following all these things will make your cooking enjoyable with a chef knife.

Which Serbian Chef Knife to Buy?

At, when seeking and researching an all-in-one serbian chef knife, we ended up meeting this product called: ArtMuseKitss Hand Forged Almazan Chef Knife. It’s a fantastic food preparation tool for any family’s kitchen. Few companies are trying to sell fake Almazan knives but this is an original piece, as claimed by the company. Its smooth cutting feature makes slicing or cutting simple. Thanks to its design and weight, cutting tough meat or big potato is like walking in park. If you are a professional chef, this is a must have for your daily use.

Handmade Carbon Steel butcher serbian Cleaver Chopper Kitchen Chef Knife Rosewood Handle DW5511

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If you have seen any Almazan chef knife before, it will be easier for you to identify it. It’s a forged knife which is finished by blacksmiths in their old ways. They hammer a billet of Serbian Sarschach Steel after treating it in heat. This is the traditional method of making utensils and other things of iron by blacksmiths. This technique is useful in giving the right shape to the metal being treated with heat. The total length of the knife is 12 inches and the blade length is just 7 and a half-inch. It delivers an amazing cutting experience with the long size.


Weight is an important factor to be comfortable and able to hack through tough. This ArtMuseKitss Hand Forged Almazan Chef Knife weighs 1.8 pounds so it will be good for your hand. Heavier chef knives can be stressful for your hands and palms. This chef knife’s weight is necessary for slicing through meat and tough bones in the same way as Chinese cleaver does. It will meet a plethora of your slicing needs. Having straight edge benefits in slicing momentarily in the smooth flow. It’s effective and that’s why we want to recommend it to every homeowner.


The handle of the knife is made of beautiful solid wood. It really looks astonishing adorning the beauty of the knife. The blade is forged in the same old technique. In the modern world, finding a blacksmith is impossible. They are rarely seen because the machine has replaced them. The perfect chef knives are will always be a forged one by the hands of experienced blacksmiths. And, how can we forget about the Carbon steel blade? Although it reacts with oxygen leading to rust, other knives can’t cut foods better than this. So, please refer to how to care for Serbian chef knife above to prolong the life of this hunter knife.

Serbian Chef Knife Price

With so many features and qualities, who would not like to buy it for their kitchen? Price doesn’t matter here when you decide to buy a product that adds value. It is worth to spend on this knife with no doubt. Please check the price on Amazon directly for an updated and discounted Serbian chef knife. Some Almazan knives are much more expensive. This is nothing when compared to them. Buy it for your mother or sister and provide them the comfort in cooking.

serbian chef knife review

Final Words

Serbian Chef Knife is a great cleaver for any home or outdoor use. Its weight cut perfectly through meat and tough bone. The only disadvantage with Almazan knives is that they are prone to rusts. Buy it only if you are ready to put efforts into taking care of it. We are again saying that it will need an extra effort in preventing corrosion. If you have thought of buying a forged chef knife, ArtMuseKitss Forged Knife is highly suggested – please read Amazon’s review before buying though. Kindly share this informative content with others to let them know more about the Serbian Chef Knife.

Where to buy serbian chef knife?

Online is the best way to buy a serbian chef knife. Essentially, i suggest Amazon as it is a reliable and well-known household brand. You can read all review by real user of this hunter almazan serbian chef knife.

What is a serbian chef knife

Serbian Chef Knife looks similar to the Chinese Cleaver. It can cut through tough bone and meat with ease. It is comfortable to be using at home and outdoor. In term of its origin, there is a disputable claim on where does serbian chef knife is made. To some, it is made in a region called Almazon in Spain but I still have suspicion due to its name. For that reason, I went on to do more research and found out that the term 'serbian chef knife' is also used by two brothers in Balkan mountain range of Serbia. Their name are Boki and Alex Almazan. In that sense, logically speaking, i consider this tough looking cleaver to be made in Serbia itself.

Why use serbian chef knife?

Serbian chef knife is versatile especially for outdoor. If you are hunter, then this cleaver looking knife can cut through tough meat and rough bone. It has an ideal weight that can be comfortable for your hand, at the same time, can help you cut through vegetables and meat easily.

Santoku VS Serbian Chef Knife

They are different. The Santoku chef knives originated in Japan while Almazan knife is elsewhere. The Serbian hunter knife looks more like a cleaver while Santoku looks pretty much like any other chef knife. The Santoku is definitely lighter to hold as compared to its Serbian counterpart. Santoku is crafted with thinner steel-cut food precisely and has varied size from 5” to 7.9”. The hunters Serbian chef knife has length varies from 6.5” to 7.9”.

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Real Serbian Chef Knife Review
Real Serbian Chef Knife Review
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  1. This is one of the best knives, I have ever seen. Although, I am not a cook, I am sure, that this knife does its work perfectly. Also, I like the design.

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