Must Have Minimalist Wall Clocks for Modern Home

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A room without anything looks blank and boring. It is simply uninteresting and dull. There you can only see a piece of furniture, nothing else, nothing more. It is the same with a person with a fashion of just a plain shirt, a pair of pants and shoes, yet if accessories entered its way, it becomes more appealing. Therefore, it is really a must to do some accessorizing in one’s outfit, and of course, in one’s place or home.

Functional vs decorative Home Accessories

Home accessorizing can show an individual’s taste and personality. It expresses the art and design the person likes to play with the furniture to put inside the house. It gives someone’s personal touch in decorating its own home. The choice of color, shape, and kind is indeed based on the designer. Deciding the overall look of the room or house must be constructed to one’s sense of style, whether it is ancestral or modern-looking. According to Linda. R. Adler, there are two categorizations of accessories to be placed at home: decorative and functional. Some functional decorations are for organizers, shelves, or stands from where you can place some magazines, books, or food. On the other hand, decorative accessories are those things that are not as useful as the functional decorations, but rather make the home looks attractive and glamorous. Some of the decorative accessories are paintings, flowers, and pictures frames.

Wall clock as functional and décor accessory

Besides the functional and decorative accessories, it may be helpful to find things decorations that are both functional and decorative in nature. One accessory that is truly necessary inside any room, and can also look playful with its design and color is none other than a wall clock.

Clearly, a wall clock is essential in our daily lives. It updates people of the current time and period. It simply denotes what the time is or how you shall use this period. Other than its functions, a wall clock can also make a statement to your interior designs. It can stand out to a room, or blend it to other furniture. Its color is also a factor of which it may add the accents and sense of style. It may also be used as décor as it shows a particular design, image, or display. A simple clock can make an incredible difference inside a room. It may be placed on any side of the wall, but mostly, it is placed in the middle top of the walls. From that, it became the highlight and center of attraction.

history of minimalist wall clock

Since the early years of the 17th century, wall clocks are being used as decoration. Varieties of materials were used to create the first wall clocks; some are made from glass or brass. The first clock that becomes famous was the lantern clocks. They are seen in several paintings and it fits the ancient scene of the interior home. This kind of wall clocks was used in London, and since then, it started to spread in other countries. Another clock during the 18th century is the tavern clock that was made from oak with large painted numerals and pendulum. Other than those are clocks that are fancy, detailed, and have elegant designs through their different shapes and numerals. Some were written in Arabic, some use Roman numerals. These wall clocks’ designs are merely based on the period and its trend. From there, homeowners face a challenge of thinking and choosing the best wall clock for their homes.

As of today, a lot of people are really fond of wall clocks. It is placed in their bedrooms, living rooms, dining, or even kitchen. Moreover, several companies also offer quality, durable, and amusing wall clocks. There are famous brands that focus on both the aesthetic and long-lasting attributes of a clock. Others also keep on designing appealing and unique shapes of clocks. Contemporary wall clocks also differ in size. Some are small enough to see the numbers, some are quite big to define its structure. Besides these, wall clocks are also based on different ranges of prices in the market. There are those costs for about five dollars up to five hundred dollars, depending on its features.

If you are interested in buying a classic but classy modern wall clock for your home, you may consider the following shape, size, color, numeral used, price and style itself. You may choose different shapes like a round, square, rectangle, or irregular shape. You may also consider the larger or small size or color that suits your wall. Moreover, you may think of what numeral you prefer more, Arabic or Roman. Also, for the price, you look at the web and see the most reasonable one. Furthermore, you may want to buy the most silent analog or digital clock if you are sensitive to the sound. However, besides those, it is a must to consider first the style.

Style: Minimalist Wall Clock

The most frequently used style of the 21st Century is minimalism. It refers to the technique and style of designing that focuses on simplicity and sparseness. It is a modern way of having minimal art, simple but neat, least but has an enormous impact and level of attractiveness. If it is related to decorations, it is explained as needing fewer materials but giving more appeal.

With an analogue or digital wall clock, minimalism requires less design and detail but can showcase vividness and joy into great art. Definitely, it can be more modern-looking, chic, and stylish. To make you visualize its simplicity and clarity, here are the top 30 minimalist-looking wall clocks that can stand out as you placed it in your walls.

Pastel Pacer

If modern style is the topic, pastel colors are on the list. This rounded blocked clock designed by Shane Schneck was named as “Hay’s Analog clock.” It has colors of mint and white. It has only lines, longer and thicker lines for number divisible by five, but the others have shorter and thinner lines. It is super simple in its 10.65” diameter, and 2.5” thickness. It is available at for only $95.

Long Rectangular Clock

To get more appealing wall clocks, a long rectangular one looks manageable. It is available in colors pure black, blue, apple green, metallic, and more. It is silent and non-ticking as the hands move. Further, this class is 6” by 16” by 1”. It can be hanged using a nail, screw, or hoods. It has no numeral written that made it more minimalist.  Offers online ranges from $19 up to $99 – click Read More to find out.  

Black and White Minimalist Wall Clock

Squared Clock with an Icon

A white background clock in its square shape is also a minimalist style. It has only a single printed icon at the middle, perhaps a sail’s anchor, or any other design. It has roman numerals that are printed in color black. It is made from a high gloss mirror and UV coated. It has a scratch-resistant material that avoids moisture. This 13” area of a clock is available at amazon. You can click on the image below for the price.

Squared Clock with an Icon

Marble Wall Clock by Norm Architects

Another minimalist looking wall clock is made from marble and brass. It is named as Menu’s Marble Wall Clock. The color white cracked lines uplift its blackish marble color. It simply looks like a round wall clock that has a ravishing neat design, with two hands in color gold, a shorter and a longer hand. The diameter is 11.81”. The website also has it available in colors black, white, or gray. These neutral colored marble wall clocks cost $349.95 with free shipping.

Alternatively, you can purchase also from

Charming Wooden Clock

Simple plywood can make a lot of difference if it was made a clock, and named as “Bi-color Plywood Clock.” The natural color of wood, either brownish or pale, can still stand out from its numeral prints. Numbers 3, 6, 9, and 12 were carved as numerals, while the others were curved as lines. This charming clock’s diameter measures 10.5”, and available in Check it out on the website for this silent analogue wall clock price.

bi-color plywood clock

Modernized but Classic Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo clock is famous before all other timepieces were made. To make it more modernized, Rejuvenation made the Pace walnut cuckoo clock. It has a light sensor to control the volume during the night. This traditional whimsical clock can attract people in its simple but classic design. Its diameter is 12” and can be sold online at for $329.

modernized but classic cuckoo clock

STOLPA clocks by Ikea

A rounded white clock has two black lines. Simple as it describes, but amazing as it was handed it to you. Stolpa clock of IKEA is an illuminated clock that can be controlled through UV and sound sensors. The clock has a diameter of 12.75” with its silent quartz movement. This illuminated framed wall clock is can be found at your nearest IKEA for only $25.

ikea stolpa clapping wall clock

Industrial-looking Clock

A classic inspired looking of industrial wall clocks is the focus of the Schoolhouse with their Tanker clock. It has bold and big Roman numerals for numbers 1 through 12. Two thick black hands were present, with a red hand for the seconds. The frame is available in sergeant green, black, industrial yellow, and persimmon. It is a very low profile and has neutral colors. This 249-dollar industrial clock is available online at

Shh Clock

A simple and neat clock is also considered as minimal. Its quietness is also a factor. The Riki clock is a white rounded clock that looks thin. The main highlight of this clock is the numbers’ font style and size. The fancy numberings of the clock are in Roman and have short lines beside them. It is in color black that appears and projected nicely in a plain white background. It has two hands, a very well thickened hand, and a long fine hand. This slim clock is also created by rejuvenation and costs $189.

riki slim wall clock

Acrylic Wall Clock

An acrylic wall clock shows a pure painted design that has no other detail. There are only two hands and a single thin hand for seconds. The background simply denotes a sky in is purple, blue and violet shades. This 7.8” square wall clock is non-ticking which makes it a super silent wall clock. It can be used with a piece of an AA battery. This is available online on amazon which you can check for the latest price by clicking on the button below the image below.

Acrylic wall clock


Graphic-printer Clock

Another design for a wall clock has bold graphics. It was designed by Heath Ceramics. It has printed designs of different shapes. It somehow makes an illusion, but still considered as minimalism. This ornament clock has only two white hands that stand out from its black and brown background. Other colors that you can choose from are in birch. It is available in 15” diameter and can be bought in You can buy it for $350.

Ornament Clock in Museum Black

Braun Digital Wall Clock model BNC014BK-RC

This Braun digital wall clock is also considered as minimalism. It not only shows time but also dates, the temperature of the room, and indoor humidity. You can choose from the colors white or black. It is in a square frame with a size of 8.3” and is available at amazon with the live price below.

Braun wall clock

Orange Brightening Clock

A wall clock can shine the room if it is in the color orange. Thus, Bai Design created a bold orange background for their Gotham Tangerine wall clock. It measures 10” for its diameter and has a grey frame. This round wall clock has a silkscreen printed PVC dial with metal hands. It is protected by a glass lens. This alluring clock can be seen at or via Amazon for quick shipment if you are an Amazon prime member.

orange wall clock

Sleeking Clock

Georg Jensen of Denmark design Koppel copper clock. It was made in 1978. It was the top figure of Danish Design. This lustrous clock has only dots for the numbers with a super-thin sleeking line. It has a plain white background and a ravishing gold frame. The company offers two sizes with diameters of 4” for $185, and 8.7” diameter for #370. It is available at

Georg Jensen wall clock

Wheeling Clock

A clock by Vitra entitled Nelson Wheel looks unique and iconic. This is the design for midcentury fans as it is from solid walnut with aluminum at the ends. This iconic clock was designed by Irving Harper back in 1961. Today, it is shown and produced by Vitra Design Museum for $590. This 17” diameter wall clock suits any antique wall you have. You can visit and look for it at

dwr minimalistwall clock

Bronze Metallic Clock

Amazon offers a bronze plated wall clock. This rounded clock in its bronze color is name as Exhibition Typeface wall clock. It also looks antique in its 12” size in diameter. This was from Bulova and Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. You can buy it in below.

Bronze Metallic wall Clock

Ring Clock by Jose Maria Reina

How did you imagine a clock with just a ring? This is the Ligne Roset’s airy Pik clock designed by Reina. Its contemporary look makes it super neat and simple. The thing that is appealing in this clock is its black-lacquered walnut hands. It is available online here.

large analogue wall clock

Gear Dial Wall Clock

A clock can also be composed of just the hands. There are no frames, numbers or anything. It has two hands clock that offers nothing else or more. It is made from a coffee walnut wood tone dial and needs a piece of AA battery. This 12” diameter of acrylic vintage style is available at

gear wall clock minimalism

Lined Wall Clocks

A very minimalist wall clock is named Motini. It only has 12 short thin lines for every numbers, and two long lines for the hands. It is available in round or square shapes. It is durable and easy to maintain. It is very modern and stylish with its white background, and black linings. Semi-gloss finish is the material used.

Motini super minimalist wall clock

Huge Roman Analogue Wall Clock

A solid round wall clock that has no plate at the back is another thing to consider in buying a minimalist wall clock. It differs from others as it only have shorted hands and has a super-thin metals formed in Arabic numerals. It is simply in color black. This 20” in diameter wall clock is also easy to clean and easy to find at amazon.

Decorlives 20 inch Black Color wall clock

Wall Clock Tower

It is interesting to find a tall panel that holds a round wall clock. This high gloss black lacquered was designed and produced by Howard Miller. This very modern style has only white lines for the numbers, and two lines for the hands. There is also a long rectangular pendulum that is made from brushed nickel. This contemporary wall clocks the normal shaped wall clocks. It is available in

Hudson howardmiller wall clock

Large Squared Roman Numeral Clock

Besides the neat style of the squares in this wall clock, the four Roman numerals 3, 6, 9, and 12 are really attractive. The hands are also interested in its color gold. This black squared clock with sleek designs can be the star of the room or office. It is soft ticking and has a diameter of 32”, which make this one of the large wall clock. It is on offer in

Wall Clocks Large Decorative

Metal Clock

This is a vintage wall clock. Its style like a European royal accent. It is not heavy and does not have any back panel i.e. it is hollowed-out. This can be used as an accent accessory as well as it looks like a great iron artwork.

huge wall clock with romanize character

Curvo Corner Clock

There is this truly interesting and eye-catching clock made by Beyond Object. This clock is capable of blending in any room. It can bend or curve to fit in the corner. It can also be placed in a shelf or column. This could be bent inward or even outward. It makes an illusion. It is available in three colors: black, pastel pink, and turquoise. There are no numerals printed in the clock, but has only the metallic hands in color silver. It is available at for only 77 pounds.

Curvo Corner Clock

Orbis Clock

This wall is available in pastel pink, blank, and turquoise. It is indeed extraordinary for its versatile design. Beside its installation on the walls, it can also be placed in a shelf. It can adapt easily to any place. This is more dramatic than the Curvo for it has a three-dimensional suspended ring. It gives more illusion to the audience. Just like the Curvo Corner Clock, Orbis Clock also has two hands and there are no numbers indicated around the clock. It gives cast shadows to the walls that made it more creative and innovation. This could be the best minimalist looking clock that worth a hundred pounds. It is also available at the website

orbis clock by beyond_object

A final thought on unique wall clock

Several designs recommended to you to upgrade the places you own. These clocks are helpful to your home or offices as it can brighten and showcase a better atmosphere. These wall clocks’ uniqueness, modernity, and classic looks can attract your visitors once you placed one of these on your walls. The people will surely be mesmerized and interested in a simple wall you place inside.

You can have simple furniture or wall, without any designs or colors, but do not forget to rock it using a piece of a wall clock. Always remember that this wall clock serves as the best accessory for it truly is functional and decorative in nature. Please do look at your wall, think of the best design wall clock that is reasonable and buy it online. Lastly, it is a great reminder to think that people only have a short time in this world, why you prefer to stay boring? There is no more time to waste in this world, choose the best and the worthy decision, find the eye-catching accessory your wall can wear, a minimalist wall clock.

Still looking for more bare minimum modern clock?

To satisfy your thirst for beautiful and yet minimalistic look for your home, I am going to throw in these additional modern wall clocks as an easy reference for your selection:

Wall clocks under $50

Lingxuinfo Wall Clock

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Rustic Barnwood Wall Clock

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$31.74 $92.55

WallarGe Digital Wall Clock

Free shipping
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$31.19 $34.81

Large White Wall Clock

- s - Wooden - Shiplap - Farmhouse Decoration - Roman Numerals - Rustic Barn - Shabby Chic - Sleek, Simple, Clock - Big Classic Decor - Battery Operated
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Seiko 11" Brushed Metal Wall Clock

3 used from $25.06
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Last update was on: November 27, 2022 4:44 pm
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$47.95 $80.00
Must Have Minimalist Wall Clocks for Modern Home
Must Have Minimalist Wall Clocks for Modern Home
$31.19 $34.81
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