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Magnetic field therapy is a type of alternative medicine which is practiced today. It utilizes static magnets to get rid of pain, disease and discomfort from the body. To achieve this, magnets are integrated into various wearable objects such as rings, shoe inserts and bracelets. Moreover, there are some magnetic mattresses (yep, who knows, you may end up buying a magnetic therapy mattress for yourself after reading this). Traditional healers in Asia and Europe used magnets to treat ailments in people more than 2,000 years a go. They believed that static magnets actually draw out disease from the body, hence restoring health. What is the science behind this? Read on to learn more about it and see if magnetic field therapy products is appropriate gifts for a new home owner.

How does magnetic field therapy work?

Magnetic field therapy works on a patient’s bioenergetic fields. Also known as biofields, these are fields of energy that surround and permeate our bodies. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists indicates that everyone has this form of field in them. Professionals in the field of alternative medicine normally refer to this biofield as the chi (or Qi), life force or personal energy field. When one is suffering from injury or disease, the chi is disrupted and goes out of balance. Static magnets can manipulate this field and improve the condition. Hence, magnetic therapy is applied in such a case to correct the balance of the chi. After a period of magnetic therapy, the bio-energy field is re-balanced and health is restored.

Here is more on this phenomenon

Our bodies are full of materials that have magnetic properties. Every single cell in our body can be described as a magnetic mini dynamo. The magnetic fields in our bodies are quite tiny and are measured using instruments which are known as SQUIDS. As a matter of fact, the magnetic field of the earth is 100,000 times stronger than that of our bodies. Scientist have found that we depend on the earth’s magnetic nature to maintain a balance in our own internal magnetic fields. Did you know that astronauts flying out into space normally rely on artificial magnetic field therapy to maintain a right balance in their own bioenergy fields. It has been proven that the magnetism of the earth and static magnets can penetrate our bodies very easily and hence the magnetic field does have an effect on our body.

Other alternative medicine field include acupuncture. Some acupuncturists utilize static magnets instead of needles in their therapy sessions. They use the magnets to stimulate the acupuncture meridians of the body. The magnets are more effective because the patient can continue to experience the positive effect of the treatment even after the session is over. Interestingly, magnetic field therapy has an effect on the blood flow. Practitioners of this alternative medicine know that the magnets can boost blood circulation. It is common knowledge that magnets attract iron which is one of the major components in our blood. Thus, when you wear a magnet embedded in a bracelet or a ring, it attracts blood and boosts circulation in that area. This leads to quicker healing and correction of injury or disease. This is also used to bring relief from pain in the body.

Magnets used in magnetic therapy

The power of a magnet is measured in units known as Gauss. Magnetic therapy uses magnets with a rating of above 400 Gauss. There are two main arrangements of polarity in the magnets used for therapy. Some of them are unipolar magnets i.e. they have the North pole on one side and the South pole on the other. The other arrangement is alternating pole magnets. These ones are made from a sheet of magnetic material which has North and South poles distributed all over it in an alternating pattern. Static magnets are used in magnetic therapy. Some of them are designed to be so small that they can be embedded in items such as bracelets.

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magnet therapy with handholding

Magnetic bracelet benefits

Magnetic bracelets can be used to provide relief from pain. They are well known for treating pain in the joints, strained muscles and fibromyalgia. They also treat bruises and boost blood flow to extremities that have weak nerve networks. This boosts the nerve growth and can save the limb or finger.

Magnetic bracelet can be used to keep hands warm in very cold environments. By increasing blood flow to these areas, the bracelets keep them warm and prevent conditions such as frostbite.

To further benefit our bodies, magnetic bracelets have a positive effect on the biochemistry of body cells. Biochemists have discovered that magnets affect the processes which occur inside and between the cells of the body. They have proved this by using sensitive equipment to view the effect of magnetism in the molecules in and around cells. As a matter of fact, Harvard researchers have discovered that saline solutions pass through cell membranes faster under the effect of a magnetic field. This can potentially create more efficient methods of medication delivery in our bodies.

Static Magnets and its effect

Static magnets can affect the electrical signals which run through our nerves. Dr. Robert Becker used high strength magnets to numb out salamanders before he performed some surgical procedure on them. This experiment showed the potential of static magnets as a form of less painful anesthetic. It is uncommon that if you have an injury or a strain on your wrist, you can wear a magnetic bracelet to relieve the pain and help with fast and more comfortable healing. Besides, if your hands shake due to stroke or epilepsy conditions the magnetic bracelets could help with reducing the shaking.

Magnetic bracelet side effects

Just like any other medical solution, magnetic bracelets have some minor side effects. They are rarely reported since patients normally take well to the therapy. As a matter of fact, the official position of the Magnetic Therapy Council (MTC) is that magnetic bracelets and other wearable treatments have no side effects. Despite this position, some patients have expressed some minor discomfort after starting this form of treatment.

Still worry about side effect of magnetic bracelet, read on

Some users of the magnetic bracelet report that they felt a warm, almost hot feeling in their wrists after beginning to wear this alternative treatment device. This feeling resulted in sweating and general discomfort in the area. Specialists at the MTC indicate that this feeling is caused by an increase in circulation around the wrist and extending to the hand. Magnets boost blood flow when placed adjacent to the skin for a prolonged period of time. As such, this can result in the warmth through a process known as perfusion. It is natural and one gets used to it after some time.

There are some people who report that the magnetic bracelets result in tingling sensations and dizziness after they begin wearing them. This effect is mostly felt after beginning the magnetic therapy. Again, the MTC indicates that these feelings are caused by an increase in circulation. According to this council, manufacturers and distributors of magnetic bracelets, these minor side effects should only last for a few days after you being to wear the bracelet. After that, the benefits will far outweigh any initial discomfort. You will be so happy with the results that you forget the initial side effects after several days.

Three type of magnets useful for therapy

What is Magnetic rubber?

This is a type of rubber that has magnetic properties. It is manufactured in form of strips or sheets. Thus, magnetic rubber is commonly used to construct shoe insoles for magnetic field therapy. This type of magnet has a strength of 2,500 gauss. Due to its structure and strength rating, it is best used as a shoe insole and not in magnetic bracelets.

What are ceramic magnets?

Also known as ferrite magnets, these were manufactured in the 1960’s so as to offer an alternative to magnets made of metal. Ceramic magnets are made of a mixture of strontium carbonate and iron oxide. These materials are easy to find and affordable in nature. With a strength level of 4,000 Gauss, they are strong enough for application in magnetic field therapy. Thus, they are applied as pads, cushions and body wraps. Despite their strength, ceramic magnets are fragile. They can break very easily and that is why they are not suitable for use in magnetic bracelets.

Neodymium magnets

This type of magnet is derived from a rare earth known as neodymium. It is the most powerful static magnet in the world. A neodymium magnet has a Gauss strength rating of 12,500 Gauss. It is also very resistant to demagnetization caused by brute force or proximity to other magnets. In addition, this type of magnet is light, malleable and can be made to be very small in size. As such, the neodymium magnet is perfect for use in magnetic bracelets. However, it needs to be protected from corrosion using a protective layer of epoxy or plating. This type of magnet is the most helpful in delivering magnetic bracelet therapy.

Magnetic field therapy impact on arthritis

Magnetic therapy is very helpful as a complementary treatment for arthritic pain. Medical trials have been conducted where patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis were treated with magnetic therapy. These patients had symptoms of unremitting knee pain. Once the magnetic therapy was introduced as part of treatment, these patients reported substantial reduction in pain and very little discomfort. They requested that the therapy be continued so as to help manage the pain from their rheumatoid arthritis. As such, magnetic therapy has a positive impact on arthritis.


For centuries, people have used magnets to treat diseases and injuries on their bodies. The positive effect of magnets in our bodies is undeniable. The Magnetic Therapy Council confirms this fact and recommends the use of magnetic therapy as alternative medicine. Magnetic bracelets are a very popular way of delivering this therapy to a patient. Not only do they have beautiful designs, they are light and highly effective in easing your pain. Magnetic field therapy can help you to achieve a clean bill of health.

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