Best Lightweight Quilts For Summer 2020


Summer is coming soon, right after this 2020 spring. It is the time of the year where we may need good summer quilts for your bedroom.

Quilts give a finished look to your room. With a soft quilt and a fitted cover, your bed will make your room look tidier with a minimum effort applied. A quilt is a cloth sandwich, with a top, which is usually the decorated part, a back which is plain or in contrast to the upper part, and a filler in the middle. Depending on the time of year or where you live, you may not need or want a regular quilt to sleep under. It is amazing how warm a quilt can be and so the warmer temperatures or climate may find us looking for an alternative to the quilt we normally have on our bed. For this reason, summer quilts have become the best option to combat hot weather.

History of bed cover – Quilts

The history of quilts is as old as the arrival of European settlers in the new world. People used padded fabrics for clothing, bedding, and other activities. The art of quilting flourished and gained importance with the arrival of English and Dutch settlers in North America. Earlier in America, quilts were not made with the purpose of enhancing beddings but to serve the purpose of providing warmth at night and to cover doors and windows as they helped to reduce intense temperatures because of their thick texture. In the early eras, money and other resources were limited and quilts were made with what was approachable and easily available. People mostly used a piece of old clothing that was no longer needed by family members. Worn out fabrics were patched together or cut apart to make quilts.

In the early 1800s, as things progressed, wholesale cloth quilts became popular. These quilts’ beauty was not in the fabric or colors but in the stitching and/or cording work done on them.  Applique became popular in the mid-1700s and peaked in popularity around 1850, but it was only the wealthy that could afford the expensive fabrics that went into these early applique quilts.

Nowadays, with the advancement in technology and ease in availability of raw material, good quality quilts with unique stitching and attractive designs have become popular and affordable for everyone. Quilts are not made to be used only in winters, but lightweight quilts are also made to be used in summers as well. Summer quilt is an alternative to the traditional heavy batting-filled quilt. This isn’t anything new, though, as women in the 1800s were making summer quilts for their homes. One can get summer quilt made according to the weight s/he wants for the climate of the region s/he lives in.

Best Lightweight Summer Quilt Pinterest

Quilt Batting

Batting is the filling of quilts to make them warm and heavy according to the need. Quilt batting is used in various sewing and quilting projects is also known as wadding. It is used as a layer of insulation between fabrics, most often used in quilt making.

Types of Batting:

There are several types of batting based on their texture and thickness, a few of them are described below:

Bamboo batting

Bamboo batting is made from a blend of 50% bamboo and 50% organic cotton. Bamboo batting is very breathable and ideal for machine quilting. It is not very warm, in all cases. It is machine washable with 2-3% shrinkage. Bamboo is processed into luxurious fiber using pollution-free methods with little waste.

Cotton batting

100% cotton batting is usually 1/8″ thick. It is made from natural fibers and is favored for its soft and comfortable texture.

Wool batting

Wool batting is ½” thick and resistant to creases. Wool batting is a natural and lofty option. It is very lightweight and is used for its warmth. It holds its shape and springs back.  It is excellent for hand and machine quilting and can also be tied.

Polyester batting

Polyester batting varies in thicknesses for example; 10 oz is 1″ thick, 6 oz is 1/2″, 8 oz is 3/4″, and 4 oz is 3/8″. Polyester batting holds its shape and thickness more firmly as compared to other fibers. Polyester fibers are preferred for cribs and bedding. Polyester is thicker but lighter, keeps you warm without the weight. It’s non-breathable but resists mold and mildew.

Cotton/Poly blends

As cleared by the name, this type of batting is typically a mixture of cotton and polyester in 4:1 i.e. 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It has the benefits of cotton, but with more loft.

Bonded batting

Bonded batting has a light adhesive on both sides to hold fibers together. This prevents the batting from shifting or bearding. Bearding happens when batting fibers push through the fabric.

Which quilt is the coolest and lightest for summer?

The coolest quilt and the lightest quilt would be the one without any batting. You will piece the top as with any quilt and you back it as you would any quilt, but there is no “filling” in the sandwich.  There is completely no batting material used.  You can quilt it the two layers of pieced top and back of your choice, but there is no loft to the quilt without the batting. You can tie the two layers instead and give it a little interest, or maybe a little of both.  And rather than binding it, you may wish to sew it around the sides with right sides together and then turn it right side out (called “birthing a quilt“). If I did this, I would prefer that the top be pieced with at least one border and then after turning it right side out, I would stitch ¼” on around the edges to reinforce it and add a little interest. One can also choose to do no quilting or tying, but you will have to take care when laundering it.

If you wish to have something lightweight and inexpensive in the middle of your quilt, you can create a 100% cotton batting though the most common types of quilt batting for summer quilts these days are Cotton, Polyester, and Cotton/Poly blend batting because these are not as warm as wool. It is simply a neutral cut of quilting fabric that adds just a bit of weight and just a little warmth because of the thin layers of cotton.  An easy alternative is a quality cotton flat bedsheet.  But be careful with this alternative because the quality of the bedsheet likely will not be the same as the quality of your cotton quilting fabrics. You don’t want to put all that work into the perfect quilt top only to have it negatively affect it

The last option is to use a lightweight batting.  Not many shops carry lightweight batting and so you may have to put a little effort to find some but if it is the perfect weight for your summer quilt, go for it. It will obviously be the coolest warm “summer” quilt of the options I’ve presented here, but it will not be as warm as those made with regular weight batting.

Inexpensive quilts are generally made with sewing machines, not by hand, and the patterns are mostly dyed onto the fabric instead of pieced together with fabric scraps. They are now mostly tufted to make the filling stay in place for longer time use.

Plain Summer Quilts for king size bed or queen size bed

Do you switch out your bedding with the seasons? Do you find selecting from a wide variety of printed fabrics difficult? Are you someone who always likes things simple, organized and minimalist? Let your troubles float away on the sweet summer breeze with a plain quilt set, available both in queen or king size. These plain quilts can transform your bedroom with a modern lodge style. They instantly add brightness to your room while keeping things simple.

Plain quilts can be made in any color of plain fabrics according to your choice. They can either be made up of completely plain cloths or embossed fabrics. Here are some color suggestions for plain summer quilts that you can follow for this summer.

Mustard Lightweight Quilt:

Mustard, the color of millennial candidates, problematic lattes, and aboriginal paintings; this isn’t a primary, playful, dandelion-bright yellow. It isn’t the color of daffodils or spring or blooms. It’s too murky for that. This is the color of late-summer allergies, well-stocked pantries, and hashtag-adulting. It’s the color of pest-deterring marigolds and over-tall crops. It’s a harvest color, one that normally shows up later in the year, when the grasses have begun to dry and wild turkeys have begun to roam into the road.

A plain mustard-colored quilt set can be your new favorite color. It will make your room look brighter like a mustard field and wider than before. You can contrast a plain mustard-colored quilt with natural-colored Cheetah-printed pillows to add more style and grace. On the other hand, you can get your quilt topped with plain mustard fabric and plain light grey fabric on the downside paired with plain grey-colored bedsheet and a pair of mustard pillows and another pair of grey pillows. This contrast would be the coolest, trust me!

Mustard king size quilt for summer

Red Summer king bed quilts and queen size quilts

Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. It is a very emotionally intense color and so it grabs everyone’s attention. It is the color of good luck in Asia and is the most popular color in China. Red is an auspicious color for marriage. Brides in India, Pakistan, and Nepal wear red gown or saris on their big day; in Japan, a red kimono symbolizes happiness and good luck.

Red-colored bed covers are the best option for the first wedding night or romantic room decors. A plain-red colored quilt with white bedsheet underneath and plain red pillow covers looks so eye-pleasing and glows with an otherworldly fire. Red-colored beddings can also be used in a daily routine if you like to be bold.

plain red quilt for summer

Blue Quilt for King Bed and Queen Bed

Blue is the color of skies and oceans and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue has positive effects on the mind and the body. As the color of the spirit, it invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming and exude feelings of tranquility. Blue helps to slow human metabolism, is cooling in nature, and helps with balance and self-expression. Psychologists say that the people who like blue color become a wonderful parent or an exemplary worker. Calmness and poise are two of the most common qualities found in these people.

However, we are not sure about the assumptions made by psychologists but even if you are not a blue lover, you should give it a try once. Add it to your bedding if you do not want to add it to your dressing. The right amount of blue color in your room can give you a reviving feeling. A plain blue colored quilt with white bedsheet is all you need for summers to feel refreshing and full of energy. I would suggest you not go for blue-on-blue matching as too much blue can create feelings of melancholy, negativity, and sadness.

If blue is your color, check out this simple plain blue quilt for king size bed or queen size bed. Affordable and very cheap summer quilts are available online via amazon.

queen size blue simple quilt for summer

Prints on White Summer Quilts – Lightweight version

White color is used to represent coolness and simplicity. From white wedding gowns to basic white t-shirts; white captures everyone’s heart and gives a feeling of mental clarity. In the west; brides wear white which signifies purity. It is also a color of religious figures in many cultures and angles are depicted as wearing white.

White blend easily with other colors. A quilt with designs of dark colors like maroon, violet, navy, etc. over a white background look elegant and can bring luminosity to your room. Having a quilt printed with branches of red Japanese cherry blossoms on a white background fabric is a good choice for romantic summer nights. You can get your quilts customized with tufted plain borders and wide strips to enhance the design or can simply get it made with a printed white fabric; the choice is all yours.

Prints on White Summer Quilts

The combination of red on white is my personal favorite but you can go for other colors like blue, green purple, pink as well according to what you like and according to the theme of your bedroom. But make sure that you must choose a refreshing and bright color because summers are all about vibrant hues.

red on white flower quilt for summer queen size

Geometric Patterns

Throughout the ages, geometrical patterns have been used by mystics and theologians, a person who studies the nature of God and religious beliefs, as it enables the viewer a vision of the cosmos and the natural world. Geometric patterns are also of great importance in the Architecture of ancient Mosques. Throughout the world; great Mosques of the ancient era are decorated using geometric patterns. Unlike the floral pattern, the purpose of geometric patterns is not to copy nature but nature’s presence. The patterns built-in Mosques often are the blends of circles, squares, triangles, and polygons. Geometric patterns are also used in paintings to create eye-pleasing abstract artworks. To create a good background for your Insta photos you can get a spare wall of your home painted into geometric patterns. Trust me, your photos will rock the gram!

Soft Cotton Queen Duvet Cover

If you investigate your surroundings, you will find the geometric patterns are not limited to Architecture but are practically everywhere. No matter where you look, you’ll find a unique mixture of geometric patterns. These patterns are also used as fabric prints nowadays.

A geometric print is a good choice for your daily room decor. If you can’t get one ready-made, you can get it made on order by purchasing the fabric of your choice and color with a geometric print on it. Geometric prints look very basic and make your bedding look stunning. Geometric patterns can be simple overall Zig-Zag lines, triangles, half-filled circles, triangle jitters, campfire pattern, maypole pattern, or can be a blend with floral designs.

Initially, patchwork was a form of needlework that was created by sewing together small pieces of fabrics having contrasting designs. Nowadays, Geometric patterns are also used to create an illusion of patchwork in bedding fabrics. Fabrics with printed tiles, filled with floral or animal prints are also a current favorite of many.

Geometric Pattern Mandala Blue Green summer quilt

Chinoiseries Prints

The word Chinoiseries is derived from ‘chinois’ meaning Chinese. It is the European interpretation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions. In Europe, the interpretations of Chinoiseries first appeared in furniture, pottery, and interior designs. Chinoiseries is a beautiful blend of motifs having printed signature Chinese huts, peacocks, flowers, plants, natural landscapes, and dragons. Initially, these motifs were hand-painted on cupboards, plates, vase, etc. But later the chinoiserie art took over architecture in Europe as well. One of the best examples of chinoiserie in Architecture or interior design is Chinese room designed in 1775 in the Geelvinck-Hinlopen Museum. Some of the famous European Chinoiseries artists or painters in history were Sir William Chambers, Jean Pillement, William Linnell and John Linnell.

Yellow Silky Egyptian Cotton Chinoiserie Style summer duvet

Chinoiseries’ design are now being copied to fabrics as well. Well known fashion designers also use chinoiseries designs in their fancy collections. A chinoiseries printed quilt can enhance the beauty of your room and can bring all the outside spring inside your room. These prints look so stylish due to its fanciful and decorative patterns.

Thin chinoiserie Asian style botanical patterns printed on white background presents a cool and bright light. But for a fancier look, you should choose chinoiseries printed on dark backgrounds like red, navy blue, etc. This would be catchier to your eyes and would prove to be an ultimate showstopper in your room this summer.

Floral Chinoiserie Blossom Print Duvet summer Quilt

Stripe prints

Nothing says summer like florals and stripes. The stripe pattern is made up of simple straight lines often of equal width or one wider line followed by a thinner and then again, a wider line. Stripes usually extend vertically from top to bottom or left to right horizontally. But fabrics having a striped pattern can have lines in diagonal, squares filled with stripes and much more. Stripes are in the latest fashion trends for the year 2020. Their basic and casual look makes them special.

Stripes are also becoming popular in bedding. Apart from plain bedding, stripes are another best option for daily use of bedding. The most basic and easily available stripe design is either vertical or horizontal stripes of the same or contrasting colors running all over the fabric.

all season Twin Size Quilt

Other choices for a fancier design in stripes can be the one having stripes followed by floral patterns or motifs not very equally distanced from one another.

Animal prints have also gained attention and have been in the list of top fashion trends since Winter 2019. These prints have been now becoming a part of bedding essentials as well. You can get your quilt custom made with wide stripes of animal prints and plain fabric. The most appealing color combinations of animal prints dark color with cheetah print (as shown in the picture below), navy or royal blue with black and white Tiger print or mustard with cheetah print. I would suggest you to always contrast animal print with some plain fabric because too much animal print might look awkward.

Cheetah Winter Micro Fur Bedding cover

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are the art of using illustrations of flowers and natural plant materials to create a balanced composition of dazzling print on fabric. Floral patterns present a feminine look has been a part of bedding essentials for a long time. A large-scale dandelion print in mustard on a soothing soft grayish white creates a look for your home as sweet and romantic as midsummer wishes and dreams come true.

floral summer duvet bed cover

Inspired from the rich green tropical regions of Asia, embellished with a broad print of aesthetical evergreen leaves on as intensively cloudy inspired background with sparkles of snow-white flowers, this quilt set would remind you of nature’s endless beauty. These kinds of prints are the right choice for breezy summer nights.

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