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Brief History of Magnets

Though magnetic therapy is gaining popularity around the world today, the use of magnetic force as a form of alternative treatment has been documented way back in 2500-3000 years B.C. In fact, there have been many proposed stories about the origin of magnet. The most popular story depicts about the discovery of magnets in the Anatolian plateau, the westernmost protrusion of Asia called Magnesia. Because the land was filled with grey-black magnetic minerals consist of an oxide of iron, the native named it as Magnetite.

From the other side of the globe, ancient Egyptians were also said to practice healing with the power of magnets. During those days, local people believed that magnets have some unknown, secret and invisible hidden power. It is for the very same reason Cleopetra, the princess of Egypt, wore magnets as accessories to retain her beauty and youthfulness.

Not only that, during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties of the ancient of China, the “Chinese Emperor Book of Internal Medicine” used by the royal family has shown evidence of the use of magnets for chronic pain and hormonal imbalances in around 2000 B.C.

Up to the 15th century, generally people know that magnets are made of 2 poles, one being known as north pole and the other as the south. Then on the 16th century, a physician named Gilbert William who is the member of Royal College of Physician and personal physician to Queen Elizabeth I of England published the first scientific paper on magnetism titled-De Magnete. This book records a comprehensive explanation about the functions and its then contemporary knowledge about magnets. One of the chapters shows the phenomenon on how metals possess stronger magnetic charge as compared to that of iron. It also explains the distinction between magnetic and electrical force.

Dr.Gilbert was also the first person to describe the earth as a huge magnet with poles on the extreme geographical north and south poles. Not only that, he also proposed theories with strong substantiation about how lodestone can be used to relieve symptoms and treat different pathological diseases in human body. Lodestone, which is derived from middle English means “course stone” or “leading stone”. It is one of the few minerals found on earth that is naturally magnetized.dr william gillbert presenting electricity to queen Elizabeth

Fast forward to the 18th century, a famous German mathematician and physician named Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer suggested a theory that hypothesized the presence of energetic synergism between all animated and inanimated objects on earth which he called “animal magnetism” and later on known as “mesmerism”. Essentially, he was trying to convey that the body and the universe each has their own revolving magnetic field. The magnetic field of the universe contains energy that flows in synchrony with that of the body. Therefore, when the flow of magnetic energy of the body becomes misaligned with the energy in the universe, the body reacts by causing illnesses.

Franz Anton Mesmer old photoWith the firm believe he adhered to, Mesmer experimented the use of magnets to treat different medical conditions, one of which includes seizures. Mesmer then proceeded to claim that he was able to cure diseases only by touching ill people. According to him, he is capable of transferring energy from his body to restore the disturbed magnetic flow in the people he touches. His fame started spreading across nations as more people came to know about his magical “power”. He began traveling around Europe as a healer before opening a magnetism saloon in Paris. In his saloon, patients were emerged in a water-tub filled with iron and rods. Next, water containing magnetic energy was poured onto the diseased location of the body to stimulate magnetic flow, with a soothing music and dim lighting in the background. The healing process sometimes would cause patients to get in the state of convulsion and later claimed they were “mesmerized”. In fact, the origin of the word “mesmerism” stems exactly from here.

Fundamental of Magnetic Therapy

Generally, the fundamental of magnetic therapy is built on the theory basis of getting optimal nutrients and adequate “Qi” delivery to the occluded blood vessels in the body. By definition, “Qi” is defined as the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine. Therefore, disturbances to the “Qi” will inevitably lead to manifestation of signs and symptoms we see in various diseases. All of these are said to be due to sedentary lifestyle, diets which are high saturated fats and sodium content, smoking, alcoholism and pollution.

If we stretch our blood vessels across flat, length of our blood vessels is approximately 100,000 kilometers. It is able to encircle the surface of the earth for 2.5 times. While the biggest blood vessel can be as big as a finger, the smallest ones are as small as 1/1000 times the diameter of our hair follicle. As far as magnetic therapy is concern, the most important vessels are the smallest ones. This is due to the fact that they are located most deeply and distally in our body. More importantly, this is the place where the exchange of vital nutrients, ions and oxygen occurs. According to research studies, magnet therapy can increase the blood flow in the small capillaries for up to 400 times. The net effect of this is great improvement of cell oxygenation, elimination of toxic metabolic products at a rapid rate, normalization blood pressure and prevention of blood vessel wall hardening due to the accumulation of fatty plague.

On the other hand, there are 2 types of ions exist in our blood, being the anions and cations. Anions are negatively charged while cations are positively charged. One complete blood circulation takes about 23 seconds, fast flowing positive and negative charge generates electric currents which in turn will stimulate the magnetic field surrounding the body. The emission of magnetic ultra-long wave by the magnetic bracelets/devices is capable of penetrating human skin, muscles, nerve, organs and bones to bring a change to the intracellular charge from weak to strong. As a result, cells and tissues which are damaged will start regenerating and symptoms will disappear.

Contemporary Health Crisis

Currently the world is in a serious health crisis. Apparently, all the symptoms such as joint pain, neck pain and headaches and all the above-mentioned diseases that occur so frequently are just manifestation on the tips of the iceberg. The actual pathological process in the body may be worse than we expected. Our life and blood is the river of life. If the blood flow is not functioning properly, cells will not be able to produce sufficient energy in the form of ATP for us to carry out daily tasks and detoxify metabolic waste products.


In August 2015, a study was carried out by National Institute of Health(NIH) on the prevalence of chronic or severe joint pain in the United States. The results show a staggering 50 millions American adults suffer from significant joint pain (see NIH’s study here). The study result was later appeared in the Journal of Pain, published by the American Pain Society. The causes of joint pain, also known as arthralgia vary according to their pathophysiology, location and clinical presentations. The most common causes of joint pain are due to the presence of inflammatory process surrounding the joints. While some are degenerative in origin, others may be caused by destructive processes or infections. Examples of joint diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, reactive arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythromatosus (SLE), Lyme’s disease et cetera. By far the magnetic therapy has been very successful in easing the pain and swelling for arthritis. In fact, some patients prefer this alternative over the conventional pain medications due to their side effects and the need for long term compliance. On the flip side, the magnets are easy to use, widely available and considered a more natural and safer alternative in the long term.

health concern among old people with Arthritis

Cardiovascular Disease

One of the effective diseases magnetic therapy is able to cure is cardiovascular disease. According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease is recognized as the leading cause of death in the world. It accounts for nearly 801,000 of death annually just in the United States alone (see reference here). In other words, approximately 1 of every 3 deaths in US. On a smaller scale, there are 2,200 Americans die of cardiovascular disease every day, an average of 1 death every 40 seconds. The main cause of cardiovascular disease stems from the consumption of foods that are highly fattening. Consequently, this leads to a pathological event in our body called atherosclerosis, the building up of fatty plague on the wall of our arteries in the heart. Once the wall of the arteries are occluded, red blood cells will become clustered and stagnant at the site proximal to the occlusion. The transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscles will then be impaired. Heart muscles react by becoming necroses and unable to pump efficiently. Nerve plexus surrounding the heart will be stimulated and lead to chest pain and subsequently to a heart attack. By utilizing the magnetic therapy, a magnetic force is capable of sending ultra long waves to open up the clogged vessels and allow blood to flow smoothly again. Besides that, the secondary heat generated by the magnetic energy known as Joule heat will be able to warm up the blood and promote further red blood cells movement.


Hypertension is the second disastrous disease that takes away hundreds of thousands of lives every year. This condition is closely associated to cardiovascular disease in almost all the cases. In fact, the disease is said to be the culprit of many vascular diseases. Although genetics play a role in the hypertension, an unhealthy diet and lifestyle act as a catalyst in bringing forward to development of high blood pressure. Hypertension was once known to occur only in those in their 40’s or 50’s of age. Today, we are seeing patients getting diagnosed with borderline high blood pressure just in their 20’s. From the same annual statistic reported by American Heart Association, results reveal a staggering 85.7 million or 34% of American adults have high blood pressure. Out of the 76% patients who are on anti-hypertensive medication, only about 54.4% of them have the condition controlled. The condition is mainly contributed by consumption of high sodium content food for an extended period of time. This is because sodium plays a role in causing water retention in the body as it pulls water from its relatively hypo-osmolar environment. The higher the blood volume is, the stronger contractile force is necessary for the heart to pump blood to all parts of the body. As a result, blood vessels compensate the increased tensile forces of its wall lining by vasoconstriction. The increased of peripheral resistance eventually leads to high blood pressure.

Diabetes Mellitus

Next, Diabetes Mellitus is also an epidemic disease widespread across the world. It is characterized by increase in blood sugar level for an extended period of time. While Type I Diabetes has genetics and autoimmune origin, Type II Diabetes is acquired and mainly caused by high sugar diet. The disease was not prevalent until mass production of artificial and processed food took over the food industry. Besides that, the rising of low fat diet also encourages various food companies to replace fat content in food with sugar, misleading the public it is a healthier variation. When our body is constantly flooded with high sugar volume, the bloodstream becomes saturated with glucose. This in turn, will slowly but surely desensitize insulin receptors found on the surface of every living cells. Patients with Diabetes Mellitus most commonly presented with the triad symptoms of increased thirst and hunger, frequent urination and unintentional weight loss. In advanced level, glucose will inflict damage to the peripheral nerves. This explains why some diabetic patients do not experience chest pain during a heart attack. These diabetic patients are also likely to develop slow healing ulcers in their lower extremities due for the very same reason. Some of them will not realize about the existence of the ulcers because of the loss of sensation in that region. As a result, some patients may have to undergo leg amputation when the ulcer lesions have penetrated into the bone and become infected, leading to a complication known as osteomyelitis. In other cases, patients may experience blurred vision and kidney function impairment. Both of these complications known as diabetic optic neuropathy and nephropathy respectively. Rarely, male patients might complaint of premature ejaculation/erectile dysfunction caused by damage to the nerve plexus that innervates the genital organs.


Another deadly disease that remains as one of the top killers in the world is cancer. Cancer is characterized by the loss of regulation of cells reproduction. These cells divide in an uncontrollable manner and are often functionally impaired. Morphologically, the less distinctive they are from the normal cells, the worse is the prognosis. The mainstream treatment for cancers is limited to surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or palliative care. Most of these treatments either have a long duration of course, risk for complications or will lead to serious and uncomfortable side effects. For example, chemotherapy is known to result in fatigue, loss of limb sensation, hair loss, nausea and vomiting. This is because chemotherapy not only destroy the cancer cells, it also kills the unaffected normal cells. Scientists are now making use of magnetic nanoparticles to cure cancer. It was reported that these nanoparticles can eradicate cancer in just one session of treatment. The finding was published by The International Journal of Medicine. The mechanism of proposed idea behind is surprisingly simple. When iron particles are injected into the body in an alternating magnetic field, the vibration generated causes an immense amount of heat to be released. As a result, tumor cells become damaged and eventually degenerate. More importantly, since the magnetic force is capable of penetrating through all layers of human body tissues, tumor cells that are located deeply and was previously inaccessible become vulnerable now.

Psychological Disorder (Depression)

Many years ago, healthcare professionals used to think that cause of depression is solely intrinsic. It turns out that depression can also be triggered by environmental factors. Among these are emotional trauma such as sexual or domestic abuse, unhealthy diets, chronic insomnia or certain prescribed medications. Conventionally, the only treatments for depression are anti-depressants and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Fortunately, there has been promising evidence that shows magnetic therapy can be used to ease depression. It involves a non-invasive procedure called transcranial magnetic stimulation that works by emitting short pulses of magnetic energy to the limbic system structures, a region of the brain responsible for the control of emotions and behavioral patterns. The emitted pulses trigger the dormant neurons to become active and therefore able to elevate the mood of depression sufferers.

Purchase Of Magnetic Wears

Today, magnetic therapy comes in the form of wearable bracelet, jewelry or device. Each magnetic accessory emits magnetic force of different wavelengths. Therefore, different accessories are indicated depending on the type of diseases, degree of severity and location of symptoms. Some larger size magnetic devices are aimed at treating more acute and severe diseases. This would require multiple 15-30 minutes sessions before therapeutic effect kicks in. Also, the therapeutic process should be incorporated with a change of unhealthy lifestyle and diet. On the other hand, accessories like bracelets and jewelries are worn constantly to provide better and smoother blood flow.

Up to date, many trustable websites are putting these magnetic accessories on sales (remember to read this buyer’s guide before any purchase). They are available for purchase at a reasonable price with free delivery. Most commonly used therapeutic magnets exhibit 400 to 800 gauss (the unit of strength in which magnet expresses). The static magnets used in the magnetic therapy devices come in two different polarity arrangements. The unipolar magnets have north on one side and south on the other, while the alternating polar magnets have a sheet of magnetic material with the north and south magnets arranged in an alternating manner.

For the quality and value that customers are gaining, the money paid for will be well worth it. Besides that, the products are specially designed with the use of top notch quality material to achieve outstanding aesthetics. Some manufacturing companies even offer words and premium design carvings on the bracelets for personalization. More importantly, many customers have given positive feedback after experiencing the therapeutic effects of these magnetic accessories. Quoting from their words: “The healing power of these bracelets are miraculous, with no side effects and non-invasive at all.” Some customers even purchased them in bulk for their friends and family.

Contraindications - becareful with medicine


For most people, exposure to static magnetic fields are considered safe in themselves. Unfortunately, magnetic therapy is not without contraindications. With that being said, the group of people who carry highest risk are those with implanted pace makers. Besides, for those who experience chest pain, difficulty in breathing or other symptoms of ischemic heart attack should refrain from using these ionized devices or accessories. For those whose symptoms cannot be relieved with magnetic therapy, it is recommended to consult healthcare professionals.


There is a lot more space for improvement in the field of magnetic therapy. Currently, scientists and researchers are carrying out experiments and various clinical trials to transcend the hidden potential of magnets as a tool for disease healing and even for eradication. Many healthcare professionals are slowly becoming more receptive towards the integration of alternative medicine into mainstream therapy. To some, it is only the matter of time before it becomes publicly acknowledged for its therapeutic functions. In contrary to mainstream treatment, these types of alternative medicine offer a much wide spectrum of healing effect. It rarely causes side effects nor does it lead to any sense of discomfort in patients. Also, there is always a risk when undergoing surgical procedures especially under the hands of inexperienced or under-competent surgeons. Not forgetting to mention the high cost of surgeries which imposes unnecessary financial burden to patients and their family.

But at the end of the day, whether to opt for a safer and cheaper alternative or a riskier and costly route, the choice lies in the hands of the patients as it is up to them to make the best decision of their life.

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