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21 cute valentines day gifts for girlfriend 2020


Cute valentines day gifts for girlfriend for 2020 – instant ideas

Yes, valentine’s day is coming soon. This year, it falls on Friday 14th February 2020. It means you have a full evening and full weekend to spend time with her. This applies to both working adults and those in college. It is yet another time of the year where you shower your girlfriend with loves. While chocolates (remember to also check Sarina’s Chocolate Bark Here) and flowers are classic example of romantic gifts, this year could be different if you put some thought in making 2020 valentine’s day a memorable one with these cute valentines day gifts for girlfriend.

But first,  what does she want or like?

Seriously, you need to find that out candidly. Whether this is your first valentine or the 10th valentine that you spend with her, it is important to know her favorite hobby. And you do this by observing her (do not blindly ask a girl what does she want, as it could backfire and worst, there is no more Surprise element to it. In other words, it is no longer a fun and memorable day for her. Here is my tips on how you could candidly know what does your girlfriend like:

  • Does she use those luxury brand, like LV, or Gucci? Or she prefers the non-luxury brand?
  • Does she like gadget? perhaps in her home, she has so many smart home appliance, such as smart TV?
  • Does she like adventure, such as going out on hiking trip etc?
  • Does she like soft toy like Teddy Bear, may be?

When you manage to answer those important questions, you are one step closer to selecting the cutest gifts you could get for her this year. Oh, and please do not wait until last minutes before you buy these gifts!

Cute Valentine Greeting Card

Nothing beats the tradition of given beautiful written greeting card. The choice of words has to come from the bottle of your heart. What should you write on this card for her, you asked? Very simple, be yourself and write how she meant for you and what would you do in 2020 to make this a special year for both of you. Still not comfortable yet? Check out these ideas for what to write on valentine’s day greeting card.

Gift Hamper for her

Oh well, this could be more for professional couple or elderly couple. It may not look cute but they are practical gifts for your girlfriend or wife. It is not very expensive either 🙂

Cute couple cups

These are heart shaped couple cups. These cups can be used for coffee or teas and hence they are ideal for all situation. Why not getting one for her?

Cute heart shape pink mug

Like the previous couple heart shaped connected to one another, this is a pink color mug where you can get for her. Click here to find out more.

Cute fragrant candles

These candles by DecoCandles are awesome. They are cute and have a very nice fragrant that last for hours. Perfect for 2020 valentine’s day. You can instantly use these fragrant candles immediately. Click here to buy.

Cute T-Light Candles

These flameless LED Tea Light are amazing for any season. It is also very cute if you get them with candle stands, they look amazing!

Egyptian Tealight and Votive Candles Holder

This Egyptian candle holder is a perfect fit that you can get for her this valentine’s day. You can definitely buy it together with the cute T-Light candles above.

cute gifts or hear

Pheromones Perfume Oil for women

How about some nice fragrant perfume for your wife or girlfriend. I think this is ideal gift for first time valentine because it is not very easy to buy perfume for girl as women has their own taste and hence this particular brand of perfume may not be what she wants. But still, if this is your first date, why not give it a try? After all, this perfume has a very nice aroma.

Cute blink blink pink iPhone 11 Pro case

Does she use iPhone 11 Pro? Then i am very sure she will love these cute pink iPhone 11 Pro cases. iPhone 11 Pro was only recently released i.e. 10 September 2019. Hence, they are very trendy. Most girls love pink color and that is why these pink iPhone 11 Pro case is lovely.

Cute pink galaxy s10 case

If she doesn’t use iPhone, then perhaps she uses Galaxy, specifically the Galaxy S10? Why not get her this pink galaxy S10 Case? It is quite nice, i must say.

Gold Shiny Open Hoop Earrings

It is not as expensive as you think. In all case, you are investing on your girl/woman. Hence, regardless of its value, it will not go to waste. Get one for her right now for a delivery before valentine’s day.

Super large Cute panda soft toy

Young girl loves stuffed toy, especially the real life size soft toy. Let me introduce to you this large and supersize panda soft toy. Check them out on Amazon and get it soon before it runs out of stock.

PUMA pink shoe

A very trendy shoe for her. Not expensive and yet so trendy ad modern for any young and medium age woman. You need to check these shoes, really, you will love them too.

Comfort Food Avocado Plush

Avocado is a very delicious vegetable. People loves it or hates it. If your gal like avocado, why not get one of these avocado plush for her? They look cute, aren’t they.

Cute schnauzer Dog vase for office girl

These schnauzer dog shaped vase is very cute. If your girlfriend is an office lady, then get one for her. They are cheap gift and yet 100 per cent super cute for any woman of all age.

Mum Off Duty Sock

Haha, i like this one the most. Oh well, this is an ideal gift for mother out there. Definitely not so cute for those newly wedded couple or newly made couple. Reserve for husband out there to get one of the socks for their wife!

Cute Whale Tea Infuser

Tea lover? Then get one of this whale tea infuser. It is insanely cute.

Cute Cat Lamp

Any cat lover? Oh well, although i am more a dog person, i know there are cat lovers out there. Definitely, these cat lamp are so cute. They are made from silicone and has 7 LED color different lighting color. Just check it out.

ComfoArray Travel Pillow

All of us travel at one point in our life. To ensure comfort level when you travel, by car or plane or train, get one of these travel pillow, they are practical and yet an awesome girlfriend gift. She will remember you for a very long time.

Cute Panda Surprise 3D Coffee Mug

who doesn’t love Panda? I’m going to smack you if you say no! no, i’m just joking. But really, the panda are so cute! May be just me, but these panda surprise 3d Mug are unique and will be and ideal gift for this valentines’ day.

Can’t Help Falling in Love Wood Music Box

Nothing more beautiful than giving your wife or gal a wooden music box. The choice of song for me is Can’t help falling in love. It will surely melt her heart away during this valentine’s day.

Final thought

It is never too late to buy your gal a meaningful and yet cute gifts. So head out to online store today and get the gifts right now before 14th February 2020. I wishes you luck.


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    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. What a fabulous list! I make it easy for my husband and tell him to just get me chocolate. I do the same for him!

  3. These truly are cute ideas!!! I should share them with some men who need ideas!! 😉

  4. I love all the cute coffee cups. The heart one that blend are the best

  5. Oh these are all really great ideas, I would love to get a few of these. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  6. OMG those pink Pumas, I think I need them NOW! Love the candles, the real ones and the earrings, but only if they are solid gold!

  7. You have some nice selection of gifts for every type of woman. I like the gift hamper, you can never go wrong with that especially if it has chocolate in it.

  8. these are all awesome gifts! regardless of what we will receive, as long as the heart is there in the giving, it’s perfect! <3

  9. I love the gift ideas you listed here, very useful! Valentine’s day is just around the corner, wishing everyone a happy heart.

  10. oooh I love those couples mugs. Might just have to snatch those for my hunny!

  11. These are all great finds! I would absolutely love the pink heart mug set, it is so adorable! The surprise panda mug is a cute idea too, imagine seeing that when you start to finish your coffee! I would definitely love any of these as presents. Thanks for sharing!

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