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Electronic gadgets are electrical devices that make people’s lives easier. They offer several practical uses for individuals with their functions. They can also be carried to any place you intend to bring them. You can easily send your messages, e-mails, and to communicate in every part of the country, or worldwide. You can also do your works using these, by creating documents or filling up forms to be sent right away. Moreover, these gadgets can entertain you as you watch videos or movies, or listen to your favorite music playlists through these devices. Others also intend these electronic devices to see their family and friends virtually. Whether you are at home or in the office, you can never put behind your electronic gadgets.

One of the most operated gadgets is the cellphone. Have you ever tried forgetting your cellphone? It was, indeed, a disaster. For cellphones totally give you comfort anywhere you go. Thus, brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and other cellphone companies, designed different types, sizes, and specifications of cellphones. Mostly, the phones are touch-screened. They also offer impressive cameras, large storage capacities, and other great attributes.

As for other electronic gadgets like laptops, speakers, Bluetooth earphones, smartwatches, and so on, they are likewise undeniably a necessity in someone’s life. These give relief and pleasure as you can just do anything you want with the gadgets inside your bags or pockets. Definitely, these remarkable electronic gadgets are making human existence easier and happier.

However, in spite of these gadgets’ amazing capabilities, they still have their own limitations. Besides the storage capacity, another big issue regarding these astounding devices is its battery life. That is why people need to recharge their phones and laptops every single day, or even twice a day. Imagine having two to three devices and all of these are actually about to die having less than 20% battery level. It may sound terrifying, but you must hurriedly plug them into the nearest sockets.

This battery life issue has its domino effect on the capacity your outlets can provide. If you are living with someone in your house, you are required to have a lot of electrical sockets that can plug your gadgets. It could be about five to 15 sockets, or even more.  Thus, an interesting home-based project of creating a charging station is what this article provides you.

Skipping over a Limitation

Instead of having messy and cluttering surroundings with a lot of different charging cords, it is better to decide to organize the accessories for your devices. Chargers for laptops differ from cellphones or other gadgets. They also have their own color, length, connectors, and adaptors. Therefore, specific cords and cables should be arranged neatly to prevent damages and misplacements. It must also be labeled accordingly to its significant device. Through this, a cleaner and tidier place will be witnessed and appreciated. Note: want to learn more about decluttering your home, then check for 101 decluttering tips.

In that case, a charging station at home would be so beneficial, especially if it is made as an organizer. It can also be used in your workplace. It may be placed on a table or shelf, or even hanged on the walls. This charging station organizer can accommodate a few numbers of gadgets. The gadgets could be arranged horizontally or vertically, but most importantly, they are in this safe and secure zone. Several designs could also be innovated through this charging station organizer. It could be made from any material, as long as it manages to provide the electricity to all of the gadgets that will be plugged in there.

Building the Station by Yourself

Simple materials inside your garage and backyards could be used to create your own wall-mounted charging station organizers. You just need to be patient, prepare ahead of time, or made some research to perform your Do-It-Yourself (DIY) charging station organizer. The following are the materials you can use to the DIY:

Wood charging station organizer DIY

Carving a wood, cutting it through rectangular pieces, and piercing holes could be easily used as the major material for your charging station organizer. A rectangular layered box with three to four pockets could be made build using this wood. Nails and screws might glue the materials to form the organizer. Furthermore, it could also be used as dividers to separate gadgets from one another. This wooden organizer can be hanged on the walls to minimize spaces.

Other designs of wooden organizers can also be elongated up to three feet. It may below several outlets. Then, a wooden holder will be placed above to occupy larger gadgets. The cords must be connected to the outlets orderly. The organizer could also be in its layered form to maximize spaces very well.

Some people create built-in organizers into some cabinets or walls using wood. They design their own cabinet-like shelf that has five to 10 divides. They begin the project using a few wood crafts and glue the cut parts to each other. Through that, they can build their own charging station organizer inside a cabinet or built-in on the walls.

Antique box charging station DIY

Other toolboxes made from metal could also be used as the case for the organizer. It can look so antique which makes it more elegant. You can furnish it for only 20 minutes. Just paint to or just cleaned it up still look antique. Do not forget to create small holes for the connectors. Afterward, place some screws at the back of the box and hang it in your walls. You may use the cover to make your organizer look presentable, but make sure that you provided openings for the heat not to suppressed inside the box.

How to make a charging station out of a shoebox

Recycling old shoeboxes, or any other carton boxes may also be a great material for your charging station. It can accommodate at least three gadgets as it was hanged on the walls. It is super easy to create by just making regular holes for the cables and for ventilation. You may also decorate it with some drawings, paintings or printed wrappers for it have a pleasing appearance.

Photo frame charging station DIY

Rectangular photo frame with its classy colors and sleek corners can also be used for your wall mounted charging station organizer. Bring cardboard, hot glue, and some paint for decorations. After that, remove the glass lens and replace it with a case or support for the gadget. You just need to attach a holder to secure your phones and tablets from falling on the ground. Do not forget piecing a small hole for the connectors to let easily be plugged into your sockets. The number of devices it can hold depends on the frame you used.


Magazine rack charging station DIY

There are some heavy-quality magazine racks that can carry laptops or larger-sized tablets. Therefore, these could be used as an innovation in creating a charging station. It could be placed above a flat wood for it to be hanged on walls. Other magazine racks are totally close compact, so it should be poked to have a small hole. However, other racks do not need any piercing for it has its own designs that cables can be inserted right away.

Home collections valet drawer with charging station

The advantage of the valet drawers is having its own layers and secured fences. It is also designed to hold a larger number of devices from the smaller to bigger gadgets. It can easily be hanged on the wall if there are built-in screws at the back. If none, just place one and it will so effortless. More importantly, do not forget the holes at the back for the cables and cords. You may place another décor above the drawer, or it could still be for you another gadget.

Plastic Trays, Buckets, and Baskets

Usually, plants ornaments are the ones placed in trays or baskets. However, these could also be used as materials to have a charger organizer. Fix these items, cleaning them, or maybe paint them, too. Place some holes for the cords. Afterward, decide on how to hang it. You may use nails or curtain rods to hold it firmly. You may also need to design to hang it on the wall base on its sure and shape, and most importantly, it must be placed near sockets to connect the cables.

simple DIY basket charging station

Towel Racks

A single towel rack can hold two to three gadgets. They can hang on the walls. These towel racks can support the devices very well as long as the hooks are tightened to the gadgets. It looks easier to create to make the station simpler.

From minimal items indicated above, you can now create your own wall-mounted charging station organizer. You can just create it for only 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the size you are about to build. You may also add some colors. Designing your organizer is a great task for it to blend nicely with your other home accessories.

Buckets and Baskets charging station

The items below could be recycled. Instead of throwing them in the junk, why not make things out of them. It will give more life to these old things, and still advantageous to organize your stuff at home. Nevertheless, if you tried building your own DIY charging station, it can definitely make a huge positive difference with your sockets at home.

Where can I buy a charging station organizer

Some are having a rough situation of finding time in creating their DIY charging station organizers. Others, likewise, do not really have any materials and items to be innovated to build this project. Some are not actually handyman or woman or do not have any interest in arts and crafts. Therefore, here are some of the list of the built-in wall-mounted charging station organizers that you can just hang directly to your walls without distressing yourself. It is more exciting to know that a lot of wall charging station organizers are available online. Kindly check the specifications, sizes, and prices for you to determine the most suitable charging organizer you need.

#1 Charger holder directly on sockets

Instead of placing your iPhone down the floor while it is charging, you can buy this single smartphone charger holder on amazon. It accommodates the only one which is charged directly to the outlets. The support is from the adaptor used and it can stay above it while charging. The hole in it only fist the original iPhone charger, but you can replace the cables to charge Android smartphones. This product is no neat and avoids messy cable strips. You can see it at for a very cheap price.

Charger holder directly on sockets

#2 Plastic charging organizer with a gap

A 2” by 10.5” white plastic device holder is the simplest charging station organizer. It can hold two to three phones, power banks, and tablets. It has a single gap in the middle from where the cables can pass through to go directly to the sockets. This plastic organizer can be self-adhesive due to its adhesive pad at the back. It could also be hanged on the walls through nails. It looks neat and smooth, and quality can be trusted from its durable and premium plastic material. It is available at for only $12.99

Plastic organizer with a gap

#3 Clear wall holder Station

Vancore produced a clear wall mounted charging holder that has the size of 10.7” by 2” by 5.5”. The material used for this holder is a protective film made from acrylic. This transparent-walled organizer can hold three cellphones for it has three racks. There are three separate holes in each rack for where the cables and plugged in. It prevents the tangling of cords for each of the devices. There are also screws and adhesive Velcro stickers to attach the holder on the walls. This is also available at amazon that can and also offers single and double racks for $10.99 and $13.99. For this three-racked organizer, the price is super cheap, just check the price using the button below.

Clear wall holder Station

#4 Clear wall holder for tablets

Another clear wall holder created by Vancore is for tablets or larger phones. It has larger packets than the previous one. The size of this organizer is 11.21” by 1.77” by 7.6”. Its color is still transparent that makes it more minimalist. There are cord holes at the bottom for each rack. It is also available online at for the price of $19.99.

Clear wall holder for tablets

#5 Wood charging station

This charging organizer is made of bamboo. To make it more eco-friendly, its wooden color is preserved. This rack has the size 13” by 5.7” by 7”. It can hold three smartphones or two cellphones and a tablet. Any tablet and phone is good for this organizer. It also has a cute shelf to place your earphones or Bluetooth headphones. There are cord holes at the back of the organizer and these are hidden to make it look neat. It can be a charging station organizer at the front, and even at the back, as a shelf to store other small things like keys, credits cards, and IDs. This charging docking station can be multifunctional as you hanged it on your walls or can be placed at the top of tables in the office, kitchen, or bedroom. This iconic wooden holder can be bought online at for $21.99. They also offer a single smartphone holder. You may this out, too.

Wood charging station

#6 Double deck leather organizer

Looking at a leather material product makes it more exciting because for sure, it will truly look classy. Indeed, this double-deck leather charging organizer can be the fanciest of all. It is waterproof. It is durable than any material like wood or plastic. This excellent product is also corrosion resistant to any type of weather and temperature. It can accommodate up to six gadgets (three smartphones and three tablets) at the same time. There is a drawer under it and three holders at the top. It can hold and hide cables, strips, and USB hubs. Like the other holders, it can be hanged on walls using Velcro or could be placed on tables. It is simply interesting to buy, so you check it at for only $27.99.

Double deck leather organizer

#7 Heavy duty waxed cotton canvas holder

To maximize a lot of spaces, a vertical space cotton holder can hold up to five electronic devices. It has seven packets for both phones and phone accessories like earphones and cables. It can be hanged in empty walls to charge different devices at the same time. This heavy-duty waxed cotton canvas organizer has it leather accent and could be ordered in colors black and green. They are also corded holes that connect to a single packet at the back that can accommodate multiple charging devices. Then, it can simply be plugged into a single wall socket. This vertical organizer is available at for only $28.00.

Heavy duty waxed cotton canvas holder

#8 Bamboo organizer with hidden multiple sockets

Prosumer’s Choice designed a charging station for up to five smartphones. This 11” length wooden organizer has dividers to hold the devices. These devices can be arranged at the top of the rectangular box organizer. Inside the box is storage of multiple sockets. To connect the cables, tiny holes are seen on one side of the box to direct it outside. Through this, the cords can reach the devices. This can be hanged on walls using nails or screws, but can also fit on tables, counters, or side stands. You can order it on

Bamboo organizer with hidden multiple sockets

#9 Line Leader Wall Mounted Charging Station

To accommodate up to 12 devices, you can invest in the line leader wall charging station by Stand Steady. It can hold gadgets like tablets, smartphones, and laptops vertically. There are tilted dividers where you can place your devices. Besides that, you can see a cord hole for the cables to reach the vertical sockets. It is also very durable for it is made from steel construction and has a steel door. You can hang this on the walls of your living room, offices, or even at school. For its safety, it also has a locking system to protect and secure the devices. This incredible wall-mounted charging station costs $249, and available at

Line Leader Wall Mounted Charging Station

#10 Horizontal Charging Station

If you prefer a horizontal shelf-like organizer than the vertical, you can order this Perington Device Portable Charging Storage. Its material is made from metal with an interior of large paddings. You can place it on your tabletop or even hang it on your walls. This organizer can carry up to 16 devices. It has built-in cord clips to hold the cables neatly. Moreover, the top of the storage can be placed by other items. Thus, your family, officemates, or classmates, can be excited to use this. It is reasonably priced at

Horizontal Charging Station

There are several factors you need to consider before choosing the charging station organizer you need. The following products above are available online and can be shipped right away to your homes. You can order and pay it afterward. From the cheapest product up to the most expensive ones, you can choose which you prefer the most. You can also categorize the items from its quality, durability, and style. You may base your orders to your needs to maximize the spaces of your homes and offices. The number of devices to be charged is also a factor. Thus, you can take time to decide on buying the right organizer for you.

All these ideas and details written here will surely help you to prevent cable and wire cluttering. You can have a neater and more orderly environment in your homes. Basically, you can be more organized with your gadgets and their chargers. To prevent to lose and forget your chargers and devices, you badly need organizers. That is why wall-mounted charging station organizers are today’s trend.

You may consider the information indicated in this article, whether you prefer to create and build your own charging station by recycling some materials or rather buying built-in charging organizers that you just need to hang. Through these different ideas, you may charge without any distress. Afterward, you can now recharge your body and mind amid all the projects and products you have checked.

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