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3 Best bladeless ceiling fans review


Do you prefer more efficient ceiling fans?

If so, rather than going with the traditional ceiling fans, it is a good idea to go with the bladeless ceiling fans. The advantages and convenience offered by these bladeless fans are numerous.

Today, we will share with you the history and efficiency of bladeless ceiling fans and the best 3 options you can choose from. Once you go through the post below, you will become quite easy to pick the best bladeless ceiling fan and you may stop buying a traditional fan any more.

History of Bladeless Ceiling Fan:

Exhale Fans manufactured the exhale bladeless ceiling fan in 2012. These fans were introduced with the brushless DC motor. The advantage of the brushless DC motor is that it requires very little maintenance. The bladeless fans use turbine technology to suck in the air and circulate the air in all directions.

On the other hand, the ceiling fan is not the only fan that uses this bladeless technology. In the year 2009, James Dyson introduced the bladeless traditional fans i.e. in a freestanding form. However, the ceiling one was only introduced in 2012 by Exhale fans.

Now that you know its history, it is time to look at precisely what it is. We will highlight the same below.

What is a Bladeless ceiling fan?

As the name itself suggests, Bladeless ceiling fan does not consist of any blades and uses the turbine-based action to suck in the air and circulate the air in all directions. Many bladeless ceiling fans also come with dimmable lights, which ensure that they can illuminate your room as well.

The turbine vortex technology means that the air circulation with such a fan provides is efficient and excellent. Such air circulation is not even offered by the traditional ceiling fans.

Thus, the fans which use a bladeless turbine mechanism to circulate the air are known as bladeless ceiling fans. This is how most bladeless fans work.

bladeless ceiling fan guide

Why do we need to use these types of fans?

You may be wondering why would someone wants to use this weird type of ceiling fans? Oh well, these no-blaes fans offer numerous advantages over the traditional ones. These include:

  • Energy efficient
  • 360-degree airflow
  • Aesthetic
  • High durability
The turbine action of such fans ensures that the air circulation which they provide is excellent. They can provide air circulation in every nook and cranny of the room. Not only that, the excellent air circulation means that your energy bills can come down by at least 20%. Due to the same, the load on your HVAC reduces as well. The reduced usage of HVAC systems in itself can reduce your energy consumption by 20%. That will directly translate into savings on your electricity bills.
Bladeless fans are round in design. Due to the same, they suck in the air from the center and circulate them in all directions. The 360-degree circulation ensures that the fan can cover the entire room. It means that you will not have to worry about installing multiple bladeless ceiling fans in your room.
Unlike the traditional ceiling fan, these bladeless fans are just pleasing to the eyes. These are not only smooth in design, but many of them come with a light source. Due to these features, they can illuminate your room as well. The aesthetically pleasing design of such fan certainly makes them a perfect choice.
The turbine action of such fans is efficient. Due to the same wear and tear of the fan is on the lower side. That is why the durability of such fans is much higher.

With so many reasons to opt for bladeless fans rather than traditional ones, it is time to switch over, dont you think?

To help you buy the best bladeless ceiling fans, we will share the top 3 options available. The list has been curated after taking into account over 10 parameters and compiling data from various sources. Needless to say, if you’re looking for the best bladeless fans, this list can come to your rescue.

Top 3 bladeless ceiling fan with unbeatable prices

When you go through the list of the 3 best bladeless ceiling fans below, you will realize that they are some of the best on offer. Without any delay, let us look at what’s so special about these three bladeless ceiling fans.

OUKANING 22 Inch Ceiling Fan with Bladeless technology:

OUKANING bladeless ceiling fan

The fan on top of our list is available in 2 color options. You can choose between coffee bronze and coffee gold.

The diameter of 22 inches ensures that it can cover a fairly large area. The air circulation which it promotes is very efficient and covers a large area.

The remote control based fan ensures that you can control it from a distance. Not only that, you can choose between different light settings from the remote control as well. You can choose between white light, warm light, yellow light. Similarly, you can choose between 3 wind speeds as well.

The completely quiet motor ensures that it will not disturb anyone. By design, bladeless fans can save a lot of energy. This one goes a step further due to its efficiency and construction.

Moreover, the LED light, which it incorporates, can last for 60,000 hours. The LED light can further save your electricity bill as well. Beside these LED is replaceable and thus you do no have to worry when the lights are dying.

You can use this design in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, and even on commercial premises. The construction quality is such that it can last for years together even when using it throughout the day and night. And by the way, if you have not noticed, this LED ceiling fan also looks like a chandelier rather than any ordinatory ceiling fan.

Moreover, it comes with the necessary hardware. You get screw sets, downloads, an instruction manual, and remote control. The instruction manual is pretty detailed and hence if you are looking for way to fix your bladeless ceiling fan, these manuals are ideal to begin with. Likewise, with a few minutes of reviewing the supporting documents, you will not face any issue with installing these fans on your living room’s ceiling.

The fact that it comes in 2 colors ensures that you can choose an option that goes pretty well with your home’s decor.

All in all, when going with this bladeless ceiling fan, you will have no complaints, and here are its features

  • Three light color options and Three-speed options
  • Comes with hardware
  • Excellent lifespan
  • 22-inch diameter
  • Easy and fast to install

Orillon 22″ Thin Modern Ceiling Fan with led lights:

Orillon 22'' Thin Modern Ceiling Fan with Light
Orillon 22'' Thin Modern Ceiling Fan with Light
Do you prefer a more minimalistic fan? If so, you will love this Orillon's brand of ceiling fan with light.

The diameter of 22 inches ensures that air circulation can cover a fairly large area. With just 8 inches of height, this orillon modern ceiling fan with LED lights can be considered very thin. It simply fits in very well for those living in an apartment with a low ceiling.

With three color options, you can select one that matches your decor. The polished finish ensures that it will look good in any room.

Moreover, the remote-controlled-based operation ensures that it is easy for you to control it from a distance.

The heart of any fan is the motor. It consists of a silent motor and does not produce much noise. Due to the same, you can sleep in the same room without any worry. The completely quiet operation certainly provides it with an edge.

When you look at the thickness of the blade, it consists of just 3 millimeters which can be quite durable.

Moreover, it consists of a transparent plastic lampshade as well. The transparent property of its lampshade certainly provides proper illumination to your entire living space.

orrilon ceiling fan with light

The ABS material of the casing certainly does not result in excessive wear and tear.

The fan can provide appropriate air circulation in a room ranging from 87 ft.² up to 215 ft.². It is suitable for rooms having a height between 9.8 feet to 16 feet.

When you look at these specifications, you will realize that this fan is suitable for personal use and commercial premises. You can use it in a restaurant, hotel, hallway, lobby, and so on.

The three different speed levels ensure that you can customize the airflow. Not only that, it has a timer function as well. There are four settings for the timer, which are 1, 2, 4, 8 hours. The remote control allows you to customize and program it easily.

The three color-changing lights ensure that you can get the light output that you prefer. You can select the light output using the remote control.

When you’re using a fan consistently, it can get heated. The constant heat will deteriorate the life span of the fan. However, you will not suffer from this problem when using this fan. The reason for this is it consists of a heat sink wall. The heatsink ensures that continuous heat dissipation is possible. You will not have to worry about making any other arrangements for the same. Additionally, the constant heat dissipation means that the motor will not heat up, and you will not have to turn off the fan in between.

The fact that this fan is suitable for personal and commercial premises certainly makes it an excellent option. Check out its features:

  • Offers three fan settings and three light settings
  • Incorporates heatsink
  • Remote-controlled operation
  • Polished construction
  • Long-lasting design
  • Silent moto

US DELIVER Ceiling Fan with Lighting:

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The recessed design of this fan is the reason why it is on our list. Moreover, it combines excellent airflow with proper lighting. That is why getting illumination is not going to be a problem.

The three color options ensure that buying the fan according to your room’s decor is certainly possible and easy.

Moreover, the acrylic construction means that wear and tear is not a problem. The fan can last for years together.

Wondering about the lighting options?

It offers natural color, warm color, and white light. The choice is yours.

Additionally, it consists of 3 different fan speeds. Due to the same, it becomes easier for you to control the airflow.

You can control all these functions with the help of remote control. The maximum range over which the fan can work is 5 meters. In a nutshell, it can easily work from every nook and cranny of the home.

Additionally, the timer function ensures that you can reprogram it between 1 hour to 4 hours using the remote control.

The silent operation ensures that it will not disturb anyone in the room. The copper motor does not suffer from much wear and tear. They do not require much maintenance either.

When the fan is running in a particular room, you can easily sleep or work in there. There will be no annoying noise.

The LED lamp ensures that the level of illumination is excellent. The LED light source means that you will not have to worry about excessive energy consumption either.

The acrylic material also means that cleaning the fan is not going to be an issue. The aesthetics of the fan will be retained for a long time due to the same.

The high light-transmitting lamp shade means that the light can easily cover an area of up to 30 square meters. Due to the same, it is suitable for large rooms as well.

The 36W power rating means that you need not worry about power consumption even when using it throughout the day and night.

The acrylic construction, remote-based control, and silent operation give you no reason to complain.

Here are some of LED Fan Ceiling Fan Features:

  • Low power requirement
  • Suitable for rooms up to 30 m²
  • Three fan speed levels and three light output colors
  • Remote controlled operation
  • LED light source on offer
  • Timer function available

Exhale ceiling fan review

As we explained earlier, exhale ceiling fan was the first manufacturer who introduces bladeless fans to the world. Obviously, this buying guide will not be completed without sharing our look into the Exhale fan.

Instead of blowing the air out directly under them, like standard ceiling fans, Exhale fans suck air from below and blow air outward in a 360 degree around the room. This makes your room more cooler and its ventilation allows cool air throughout the room instead of just blows air directly underneath the fan itself. Take a look at image below to understand how this exhale fan really works.

how exhale bladeless ceiling fan work. Instead of pushing air downward, exhale ceiling fans suck air in and push air outward. This way, they draw warm air


So if you would like to go for one of the most efficient fan types available, going with the bladeless ceiling fan is a perfect choice. Rather than comparing hundreds of options to pick the best bladeless fans, you need to go through our top 3 list above. With our carefully curated list and detailed guide regarding most bladeless ceiling fans, buying the right one becomes easy for you. It is time to make your rooms airy and illuminated with the help of these fans and air conditioning may be the thing in the past (for some locations).

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