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Is Bionaire the best window fan for cooling home?


The start of 2020 isn’t that great, due to corona virus or COVID-19 which attacks many countries in the world. As of 7 March 2020, according to WorldMeter, there are 105,593 people worldwide that are infected with total death of 3,562. While new cases in china seems to be slowing down, elsewhere, the rate seems to be in a reversing trend, with more than 5,800 cases reported in Italy on 7 March 2020. Despite the fast spread of the virus, everyone is hopeful that summer will bring positive change and human will be able to beat this COVID19 virus. At the same time, it is time to do spring cleaning and prepare to welcome summer by making a good air circulation within your home. Today I share with you all about window fan and why the best window fan can be a better choice than either home fan or ceiling fan.

What is a window fan?

A window fan is a fan specially designed to place within window frame. Its purpose is to ventilate your room by blowing in cool and fresh air while blowing hot air out. The best window fan maintains comfortable temperatures and fresh air at home. One of its biggest selling point is its efficiency and cost saving as compared to conventional AC module.

Throughout the years, manufacturer has continued to improve the design of window fan. For instance, we can easily find thermostat, remote control and automatic shut off timer. These features helps average users to easily saving cost while being comfortable at their own home.

window exchaust fan

Main difference between attic fan and window fan

Unlike attic fan, window fan is supposed to be used in the window. Whereas attic fan is attached to the roof of a building. Attic fan is usually equipped with thermostat who regulates the on and off operation of the fan automatically when temperature of attic reaches certain temperature. Its purpose is to send out very hot air in the ceiling. On the other hand, window fan can reverse the follow of the air by brining cool air in and chasing out any hot air from indoor.

Main difference between ceiling fan and window fan

When I grow up, I am very familiar with ceiling fan and less so for attic fan. Ceiling fan is a mechanical fan mounted on the ceiling. It works by blowing a still air of the room downward. In other words, it will not change air temperature of the room and its purpose is to push air toward you. This has a negative consequence that hot still air in the room does not get sucked out and instead being recirculate toward you. For that reason, window fan is a better choice thanks to its dual-blade which will suck cool night air in while chasing away the hot stale indoor air out.

From my research, let me introduce to you the Bionaire window fan:

What makes Bionaire the best window fan for cooling home?

Whenever you want to purchase an item for your home, whether online or physically in a center, you always go for those with good key features that meet your requirement while remain affordable. You also need to compare different products’ features. Likewise, when selecting a window fan, here are reasons why bionaire brand fits the bill.

  • Installation is very simple. All you need is the bionaire user manual within your reach, which comes with the box itself. Definitely, installation of a window fan is similar to Ikea DIY product i.e. you can personally fit them in place at your own time.
  • It nourishes your room with fresh air. It removes bad smell and blows in fresh and cool air which is the benefit not found with either attic fan nor room fan nor ceiling fan. For that reason, many people have turn to window fan to keep their house cool in summer months.
  • Bionaire in my opinion is the best window fan that complements traditional air conditioning unit. It is easy to operate with a low-profile design that enables you to handle and use it with ease.
  • It has a dual fan option with a programmable digital thermostat and LCD screen for you to suitably adjust temperatures to suit your comforts. It displays the prevailing temperature in your room right on the LCD digital screen. You can then proceed to use the thermostat to adjust to your desired range.
  • It has strong and long blades to deliver a strong flow of air in and out of the room. You can use the remote control to suit your comfort by regulating the blades and speed.
  • This window fan has less noise pollution making it very suitable for your bedroom. This awesome design makes it one of the best window fan available in the market. It is quiet and durable.
  • You can mount it either in a vertical position or in a horizontal position.

best window fan for home

Key features of Bionaire window fan

Reversible blade

It is made up of a reversible blade to draw in cooler air from outside and remove hot air from inside. The digital thermostat in it is inbuilt to regulate and maintain desired room temperature.

You can turn the window fan on and off on the LCD screen display.

It has a waterproof motor

A heavy flow of water or moisture potentially damages the window fan. To avert this effect, the Bionaire fan has been fitted with a waterproof motor. This feature makes this fan to be suitable for use even in conditions and areas of high relative humidity.

It comes with a remote control

This enables you to adjust it comfortably even while seated. Just the way we use remote controls to switch stations on our TV screens. To make remote control working well, you need to point the remote control in direct line of sight to the fan and within the range of the sensor i.e. 10 to 15 feet.

It has an adjustable extender

This allows it to be fitted on any window type. The high-quality extenders are inbuilt. According to bionaire faq, their window fan can virtually fit to any type of window. Having said that, just to be sure, always check the photos and do research before buying online.

LCD monitor screen

Finally, it has an LCD monitor screen. This enables you to keep track of the temperature and switch to the desired ones. It shows the reference point for the user to base on. It has a motor to allow adjustments on the fan rotations normally with three-speed settings based on the user’s desired temperature conditions.

window fan Buying Guide

Go for the big-sized

Consider purchasing big sized fans. Larger fans bring better comfort in your room. At the same time, choose a fan that can fit your windows. There are some specially designed windows for specific fans. You can opt for purchasing and installing them. At a minimum, you need to have two window fans, one that blows in air and the other that oust air out. Here, I would suggest to go for the 8.5 inches fan at least.

Bionaire BW2300-N twin reversible airflow window fan with remote control

Strategically position your fans

If you are living in a multi-story house, set those fans on the ground floor inward to bring in cool air and position the fans expelling exhaust air at the higher floor of building. This optimizes the cooling effect and increases comfort in your house. In term of locations within the house, do positioning the inward blowing fans on the shady side with trees outside, if possible. Then, the outward blowing fan should face at the direction of the sun i.e. place it where your house receives the most sunshine. Avoid positioning fans to face roadside, rubbish pins or any other site that releases any bad smell. It is also important for you to check the bad smell sources if there are some around your home. Put the outward blowing fan facing this side and the inward blowing fan facing the direction where it brings in the fresh air.

Use an even number of window fans.

This ensures a balance in the inflow and outflow of air to your room and turns maximum comfort. In cases where you have an odd number of fans, set the extra fan to bring in cool air. This produces higher air pressure inward and thus pushing hot air out.

Refer to your user manual before and during cleaning

It is very critical that you read the user manual while cleaning your fan. Unplug the fan before cleaning. Thoroughly clean the non-electric parts of the fan with a soft damp cloth. Be careful not to touch the motor. You can use a mild detergent. Use brush attachments on your vacuum cleaner to remove all lint and dirt that build up in the fan. Also, make sure that all parts of the fan are dry before putting it back for use. For more detail, refer to Bionaire User Manual here.

How can you replace a Bionaire window fan’s fuse?

You might be having problems replacing the fuse unit of your Bionaire window fan. Especially if it is your first experience. Fan fuse does burst when overheated. In such cases consult your user manual. It is a delicate machine and you do not want to cause any breakdown. With basic electronics skills and tools, anyone can replace the fan fuse. If you do not have these skills or have never handled this before you can consider getting assistance from a friend who has done it before or a specialist.

Bionaire window fan extender panel

Bionaire window extender panel is inbuilt. They are designed in such a way that they are flexible for use with any type of window design. These parts replaceable and are available with the manufacturer. They can also be obtained elsewhere from the stores that sell them.

3 blades bionaire window fan

Which Window fan is the best?

There are several reliable manufactures out there who are specialized in window fan. Three top brands that I know are bionaire, Holmes and Comfort Zone. Each of these comapnies have their own pro and cons and it is up to you to decide which brand works best for you.

Bionaire window fan not working, what do I do?

If your bionaire window fan is not working any more, please check warranty. You can check https://www.bionaire.com/warranty-faqs for more detail on how warranty work for this fan. It is best to have it fixed by reliable company.

How to use bionaire window fan?

Ideally, you should use bionaire window fan with an AC unit. This is especially through for those living in a harsh summer condition. Do not place window fan facing a dumping site or facing road side. Instead, use window fan facing toward northen side if possible.

How to clean bionaire window fan?

With time, Bionaire window fan may get dirty with accumulation of dust particles, moisture, and other dirt. To remove dust while cleaning the fan, use compressed air. Do not try to tamper with the blade part as it is delicate and may break. You can obtain a can of compressed air from the manufacturer or hardware store near you.

Where to buy bionaire window fan?

Bionaire is an innovative company focus on good indoor living. One of its main product line is window fan. You can buy them online via Amazon (through this site) and Walmart.

Other Top Window Fans, besides Bionaire Fans

Besides Bionaire brand, there are also several other top brand that you can buy online. Simply refer to this post for better informed decision.

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How to install a window fan

Want an easy guide? Then check out this video on how to install a window fan. After watching this video clip, you will have a better understanding on how to use a window fan to cool your home.

So the verdict: Is Bionaire the best window fan?

Yes, IMHO, bionaire is the best window fan one can buy without hurting the bank. It is cheaper to run as compared to the AC unit. To make fully used of this window fan, you need to know the do and dont as highlighted in this review. Good luck!

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