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The best season of the year is finally here. The sun is about to shine at its brightest. This is the best time of the year when you can go on vacations, spend time near the sea, sunbathing and enjoying cocktails. It is a great time for going outdoors, spending time with families and friends and doing picnics. There is no better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than by planning a leisurely outdoor picnic. Also, this season is a great opportunity to invite your relatives and friends to your home for get-together and gossips.

Picnics and home parties are incomplete without the joy of home-made food. To cook homemade food, like stir fried veggies with your favorite sauce, a bowl of soup made up from your favorite vegetables of the season or simply boil the rice, you need to use the proper and reliable cooking utensils which do not do any harm to your pans.

Metal cooking utensils like that which are made up of stainless steel are easy to clean and wipe off, but they tend to be more expensive than wooden cooking utensils. Metal spoons are fine for use on un-coated cookware like stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum or carbon steel but on the other hand, metal spoons can scratch the coating of non-stick cookware which will ruin its non-stick properties. Non-stick coatings are mostly made up of carcinogenic materials, so one should always be cautious when cooking in non-stick pans, the spoons should not scratch the non-stick surfaces.

Another drawback of metal made spoons is that they allow heat transmission which can make the holding place of the spoon hot and thus makes it difficult for continuous use. There is also a great chance of getting a burn if you suddenly touch the hot metal spoon which could have been left in the cooking pan on flame.

A good alternative to metal cooking utensils is wood-made utensils. Wooden cooking utensils are soft and gentle on the surfaces, which means they do not scratch your cast iron skillets and stainless-steel pots. They are also noiseless and thus makes stirring peaceful. Unlike steel utensils, wooden spoons do not conduct heat. Because of this, you can leave them in a hot pan for a longer period and rest assured that the handle will still be cool. This property of wooden cooking utensils makes them ideal for the dishes which requires lots of stirring. They are also comfortable and have a good and thick grip. Research indicates that the wood appears to have natural germ-killing properties. It has been proven that germs and bacteria grow much faster on plastic and metal than on wooden kitchenware surfaces.  But with the increase in population, the demand for wood made items have also increased. Wood is used to make furniture, doors, floorings and much more but cutting the wood not only destroys natural habitats of many wildlife species but also causes an upset in natural climatic conditions. Wood takes very long time to grow back.

To overcome the issue of cutting trees for wood, people have started using products made up of bamboo for their kitchen.

What is Bamboo?

what is bamboo

Bamboo belongs to plants family Poacea and is a grass, not a tree, which comprises of wood. It exists in several varieties that varies from region to region. It is considered as one of the fastest growing hard grasses on the planet. Unlike trees, bamboo continues to grow again and again at the same place once it is cut. It rapidly reproduces the visible bamboo poles after being trimmed due to it’s strong and resilient unground system of roots. Bamboo poles can grow an average estimate of 24 inches per day.  Because of the rapid growth of bamboo, its production easily takes the stress away from traditional hardwood forest production. Bamboo is typically associated with the tropics, but it can grow in almost all climates.

Promoting deforestation leaves harmful and long-lasting effects. It allows a greater amount of greenhouse gases to be released into the atmosphere. Cutting down the forest for clearing land and using wood for making products and buildings also causes soil erosion and costal flooding as trees function to retain water and topsoil, which provides rich nutrients to sustain additional forest life. Without trees, soil erodes and washes away. The barren land which is left behind in the wake of these unsustainable agricultural practices is then more susceptible to flooding.

On the other hand, thinning out bamboo promotes its healthier growth. Due to Bamboo’s property of rapid growth, bamboo is considered as a powerful alternative to cedar, mahogany and other popular hardwood lumbers. Only 20 percent bamboo can be cut every year.

Bamboo is 16% stronger than maple and naturally resistant to water. Bamboo is not only used for making products like furniture etc. but it is also used for holding the structure of buildings, in textiles and as a food source. Due to its combined strength, lightweight and durability, bamboo is one of the most used building materials particularly in areas of the world where it is found in abundance. China used bamboo in suspension bridges, houses, scaffoldings, falls, roofs and other various architectures. The most important feature of this plant is its flexibility. It can be bent, split or shaped easily depending on your needs.

Benefits of Bamboo cooking utensils

Bamboo cutlery Set

There are several benefits of Bamboo kitchen cooking utensils. Some of them are listed below:

  • As discussed earlier, bamboo is a highly renewable and eco-friendly resource.
  • It is lightweight and flexible but still provides strength and durability. Bamboo utensils are long lasting than wooden and plastic ones.
  • Bamboo products are heat, stain and water resistant. They do not absorb odors and are very easy to clean.
  • The surface of bamboo kitchen utensils always has a smooth finish and does not gets rough or porous after a few months of use.
  • Apart from the self-properties of the bamboo material, bamboo kitchen utensils give a fresh and natural touch to any kitchen.
  • Like wood utensils, bamboo cooking utensils do not scratch the non-stick finish of your pans and do not harm your finest cookware.
  • Bamboo utensils are inexpensive and could be the right choice for everyone.

Bamboo Spoons Set of Five

Are you a food lover and always look for a chance to try out new dishes? Well, we believe that the person who loves eating, also loves to cook, and why this shouldn’t be? Afterall, homemade food is always better than the food bought from restaurants, not only hygienically but also according to taste. The biggest benefit of freshly cooked food at home is that you always get more food for less money. The raw material like spices, vegetables, lentils etc. once bought, lasts enough long and serves an average of three to five meals easily whereas, in restaurants you get one meal for at least $30 to $60. Also, you can alter the taste of food according to what you like i.e. either spicy or normal.

To cook food at home you need multiple types of kitchenware, cooking utensils and tools but the most important of them are the tools that you need to stir or mix the ingredients in the bowl or pan. For this purpose, big bamboo spoons are something that you need to cook your favorite dishes with ease. Bamboo spoons usually comes in a set of three or more than three spoons. The set usually consists of perforated spoons and flat or perforated spatulas. Every spoon is designed for a specific purpose. The purpose and use of some of these spoons is listed below:

  • The simple large wooden or bamboo spoons are used to cook foods which are liquid-y in nature like soups, gravies or melting a chocolate. Spoons with slots are used to grab things which are to be filtered like pasta, once it is boiled is to be taken out of water.
  • A straight flat surfaced spatula is designed for stir frying, grilling and scrapping the bottoms of skillets. It will help you to tackle even the most challenging burger recipes because they get under the fillets and burger breads easily without falling them apart.
  • The fork shaped bamboo spoons are used for cooking and tossing pastas and noodles.
  • The angled spoon or the one with a hole in the center is called a folding spoon and is made for folding flour into light foams without overmixing for example when making Genoise cake (an Italian cake named after the city of genoa and associated with Italian and French cuisine. With a genoise, clarified butter is used to enrich the batter, which is made by beating whole eggs, sometimes with additional yolks, together with sugar, over warm water). It makes the mixing easy and the shape is good for scraping the bottom of a round bowl.

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Bamboo Spoons with Silicone Handle

Mainly kitchen utensils were made from different materials like plastics, wood, stainless steel, aluminum and others but in recent years silicone kitchen tools were introduced into the market. Silicone is a largely inert, man-made compound of inorganic silicon and oxygen backbone with organic side groups that attach to the silicon atoms.

Silicone products are made up of silicone rubber which comes in a variety of forms, adhesives, sealants which are used in building construction and maintenance, molding rubbers for reproduction, encapsulants and potting compounds for electronics and coatings. Silicone polymers are usually flowable liquids which are cured to form a flexible silicone elastomer or rubber. Additives provides additional characteristics such as adhesion, color or thermal conductivity. Silicone rubber is especially resistant to high temperatures and attack from moisture or chemicals.

Food grade silicones are largely used for making utensils and increasing silicone mold for food products. They are either used in making spoons, flexible utensils or in cake industries for molding icing sugar and chocolate.

Bamboo spoons are used by both amateur and professional chefs around the world (Also check professional chef knife here). They are usually as a whole made up of bamboo and have natural color of bamboo but a more good option from the vast variety of bamboo spoons is that which have silicone handles. Although bamboo itself do not conduct heat, but a silicone handle not only prevents heat transmission but also provides a good grip. It increases the diameter of the handle of the spoons which is thus easy to hold and are best for stirring eatables which have a thick consistency.

colorful bamboo spoon with Silicone Handle

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Bamboo Spoons Set with Tongs

If you are a pasta and spaghetti lover, then this bamboo spoon set is your must have. It includes a non-slotted spoon, a bamboo spatula, a slotted spoon and a bamboo food tongs. The bamboo food tongs are perfect for lifting spaghetti or fettucine pasta. Despite for cooking purposes, these bamboo tongs can also be used as a serving tong because bamboo looks better than common stainless-steel tongs and the claws holds the stands of pasta or spaghetti so well that they do not break.

Besides using these bamboo tongs for pastas and spaghetti, you can also use them in ice jar for pouring ice cubes into the glass. I am sure these tongs would enhance the overall look of your dining table. Using tongs instead of forks or spoons for tossing salads is the better option. In this way, the seasoning of the salad reaches to every chunk of vegetable in the bowl. Using a spatula is great to turn meat in the pan or fillets on the grill but there is always a risk of dropping fillets out of the pan. Tongs allow you to get a good grip on the meat strips or fillets without loosing any of their juices. These tongs can even help you to pull your toast out of the toaster without burning your fingers every morning.

You can also buy tongs separately if you already have a bamboo spoon set.

Bamboo Spoons Set with Tongs

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Bamboo Cutlery Set

Using disposable cutlery sets while on picnics or while somewhere away from home is very common among us but besides the enjoyment of the convenience it brings to us, their usage has brought have bought many complications to us.

I am sure everyone or at least 90% of you people have one of those drawers full of plastic utensils that we got when our food was delivered to us. Though delivering plastic cutlery home sounds completely useless because everyone already has cutlery at home, yet these plastic mini cutleries comes our way, by default. Maybe we think “It is just one fork”, but multiplied by millions, those plastic utensils are terrible for the environment.

Plastic cutlery is too contaminated, small and lightweight which makes it out of one of those items that do not get recycled even if you put them in the recycling. Due to their this property, people often dispose them into seas or somewhere else which adds pollution to environment and harm the habitats of the species living there.

The best alternative for plastic cutlery is bamboo cutlery. The bamboo cutlery set usually comes with a knife, a fork and a spoon but can also include chop sticks. It is not only environment friendly but is also lightweight which makes it travel friendly and great for not only great for picnics but for use at home as well. You can easily clean them and reuse them for as long as you want. Unlike plastic cutlery, which is not very hard and can be broken with a single stroke, bamboo cutlery provides you durability and thus you can eat thick eatables like mac and cheese easily.

Bamboo Cutlery Set with bag

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Bamboo Bakeware Set

This could be the best replacement to your old plastic bakeware. The bamboo bakeware set usually has a large spoon for stirring and serving, a spatula for even distribution of batter into the baking dish and a double-sided measuring spoon for 1 TBS and 1 tsp measurements. Different sets might have other different spoons as well like a folding spoon or a perforated spoon.

Despite having all the traditional natural colored bamboo spoons, you should add something vibrant and colorful to your kitchen. You can use the marble printed bamboo spoons for cooking purposes or just hang them in the corner of your kitchen. I am sure these spoons will beautify your kitchen and would up lift your mood while cooking.

Bamboo Bakeware Set

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Bamboo Salad Hands

Salads contain all the essential nutrients that are required to keep your body active and make you look young and fresh. They are the perfect light meals that makes you feel refreshing all day long. Your leafy greens and raw veggies are a superb source of natural fiber and consuming enough fiber each day has several health advantages. Fiber helps to reduce LDL or “bad” cholesterol and control blood sugar. Adequate fiber intake helps with weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. Low vitamin K levels have been linked with low bone mineral density in women. For healthy bone growth, a recommended full daily serving can be found in just 1 cup of watercress (100%), radicchio (120%) or spinach (170%).

Due to our busy routines, we are often unable to drink enough water. The high levels of water found in salad veggies improves hydration in our bodies, which is necessary for youthful skin tone and various basic bodily functions. These vegetables also fulfil our body’s water needs. When we know how much important salads are for our body, we should treat our salads with the best we can have.

Bamboo salad hands are cute little wooden spoons, shaped like hands which make salad prepping, ingredient tossing, scooping from a salad bowl, picking up and serving the salad a fun activity. Although we can use tongs for tossing our salad, but these bamboo salad hands are specially designed for this purpose. They are super strong, durable and perfect for special occasions and everyday use. These hands efficiently grab big or small pieces of vegetable out of the bowl while maintaining their fresh look and creating zero mess.

For a more traditional and elegant serving, you can buy a bamboo bowl for serving salad. These bamboo hands paired with a bamboo serving bowl would prove to be the eye catcher for your guests and would beautify your dining table.

Bamboo Salad Hands

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How to take care of Bamboo Utensils:

Every object needs its specific kind of care because without care they last less than their actual lifetime. Bamboo utensils are simple to care. Just a few practices can make your bamboo utensils last much longer than expected. Here are some steps that you can follow:

Use Hot Water
Wash your bamboo utensils after each use with hot, soapy water. Do not soak them in water and do not put them in a dishwasher. Try and keep food from drying on the utensils by cleaning them right away. If food does get stuck on, gently scrape it away with a metal scraper, butter knife or your fingernail. A gentle scrub pad can also be used.
Apply Food-grade Mineral Oil
To keep your bamboo spoons shiny, well-conditioned and restore the natural bamboo luster, get some food-grade mineral oil, bamboo conditioning oil, butcher block oil, walnut oil, or coconut oil. Avoid vegetable oils like olive oil or canola oil, as these can become rancid. Apply some of the oil to a clean, soft and dry cloth. Rub all over your bamboo spoon, letting the oil soak into the material. Repeat, if necessary. Let the spoon cure 1-2 days before use. If you use your bamboo spoons daily, then rinse your bamboo utensils once every week with oil. Without oil, your bamboo spoons can splinter or crack due to repeated use and washings.
Dry Bamboo Utensils in Upright Position
After drying with a dry, clean towel, air dry your bamboo utensils in a stand upright position for at least two to three days so that any soaked water gets dried out and then store your utensils in a dry place away from extreme temperatures as extreme temperatures can cause cracking and splitting of bamboo.

Bamboo kitchen utensils

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