15 reasons why you should Date an author

Article authors may possibly not have amazing checkbooks, but that does not mean they don’t really make great times. Listed below are 15 reasons to date a writer:

1. Article writers can woo words. Whether your really love language is words of affirmation, you are in chance. Writers will find hundreds of techniques to tell you simply how much they care.

2. Article authors can stroke the ego. Perhaps you’ll become the girl muse. Perhaps he’ll thank-you in a book dedication. Perchance you’ll come to be a sounding panel for new tactics.

3. Money doesn’t matter. Date an author and you’ll be matchmaking a person who really does what they do because he/she really loves it, not so that they can get rich.

4. Authors head to fascinating events with interesting men and women. Get ready to mingle with fascinating intellectuals and performers — in order to move your own vision at multiple pretentious people.

5. People frequently have flexible schedules.

6. Many authors can compose from anyplace. So if you’re concerned that the task might take you to definitely France, the new guy or gal might-be (effortlessly) certain to join you.

7. Authors present distinctive and thoughtful views on numerous subjects.

8. Experts often enjoy solitude and do not need a busy personal life to prosper.

9. About #8, after a long day’s writing, your presence will be a welcome air of fresh air.

10. Article writers are smart. Most are hilariously amusing. Other people are trivia nerds. You will probably grab some brand-new terms, haphazard facts, or a deeper understanding for certain subject areas whenever hanging out with one.

11. Writers are often available books, wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and in a position to articulate their particular thoughts and feelings (no less than in writing) eloquently.

12. Writers tend to be imaginative problem solvers.

13. Authors deal with critique and getting rejected each day. They figure out how to smartly determine positive feedback and persevere in a down economy. Article writers do not throw in the towel conveniently.

14. People can multitask, juggling tasks, pitches and private projects.

15. Love emails will not have spelling mistakes in them. Neither will grocery listings.


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