Alcoholics Anonymous: Step One of AA Powerlessness & Manageability

A person would be considered powerless over drugs when, even though they know the drugs are causing harm to them in every way, they continue to use the drugs anyway and they simply cannot stop. Most people who are still in active addiction don’t realize what they are feeling is powerlessness because they may still be in denial over their addiction. They may be blaming what they are feeling or going through on everything but their drug use or use the drugs to further “cope” with their feelings. The easiest way to determine this is if you find yourself trying to control or manipulate to make something happen, it most likely isn’t supposed to happen.

  • Our comprehensive treatment programs and addiction specialists at Lighthouse Recovery Institute can help you find the right path to recovery.
  • When we admit that we are powerless over alcohol or drugs, we admit that we are living with a disease that alters the chemical makeup of the brain.
  • Around a bit, but it will still remain and block the possibility of a sober life.
  • You, on the other hand, were born chemically different.
  • In this article, we will discuss what the term “powerless” means in AA.
  • You accept that you can’t continue drinking alcohol or using drugs and that you have absolutely no control when you are using.

It gave me an opportunity to acknowledge the insanity of my obsessive-compulsive nature when it came to my addiction. Furthermore, it gave me the opportunity to wake up to the reality of the disease of addiction. Mental obsession also makes those suffering from addiction feel powerless. You are powerless over that drug because you have a completely irresistible urge to get high. And when you aren’t getting high, all you can think about is when you can get high again. This is the powerlessness of the mind for which the drugs have a complete hold of. For those in addiction, mental obsession feels more like life or death.

The Definition of Powerless in NA and AA

In fact, much of the Twelve Steps require an explanation. The phrasing can be confusing or dated, and when people first encounter Step powerless over alcohol 1, they’re likely to pause at the idea of being powerless while others scratch their heads at “life has become unmanageable.”

For others, especially those who may have been victimized in the past, the weight of powerlessness feels impossible to bear, especially when they’ve built our lives on never feeling that way again. Any admission that you are powerless over your addiction should be accompanied by a huge sigh of relief because you never have to find yourself in this situation again. You have not only admitted there is a problem, but by also seeking help you have already begun to address the issue. By letting others guide you through treatment and recovery, you are that much closer to a happier and healthier life. After all, you cannot escape the chains that bind you until you acknowledge that there are, in fact, chains, and someone else holds the key to unlocking them. Recovery Connection is the ultimate addiction recovery resource portal for information on the latest treatments, centers, and programs. Whether you’re looking for treatment or for aftercare options, we can point you in the right direction.

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In reference to addiction recovery, powerlessness simply means that we have lost the ability to control our intake mood and mind altering substances. Throughout that process, he learned the importance of helping others and living by spiritual principles. Throughout his recovery, James has used his personal story to help make a difference in the lives of others. Over the years he grew into becoming an advocate for people in recovery or seeking recovery from substance use disorders. James is a CCAR Recovery Coach and believes in developing meaningful relationships, and providing highly individualized therapy and client care. In 2017, James had the opportunity to combine his business experience and passion for recovery to start The Freedom Center.

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You are strong enough not to let alcohol take over your life again. By practicing abstinence, alcohol cannot wield its power over you. And when you start living a sober life, then you can gradually gain your power back as your power comes from sobriety. You know that alcohol is bad news for you, you are convinced, and nothing can make you return to drinking. In order to progress to steps two through twelve, you must embrace step one. You will be unable to go further in your recovery if you cannot recognize that you and alcohol do not mix. AA is a recovery program for multiracial men and women who are suffering from an alcohol use disorder.

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I finally understood what an alcoholic and addict really is. I saw that I was worse than I knew, but understanding the problem helped me accept the solution. At one time, our number one priority was to stay sober. Today with the understanding of powerless, our number one priority is our relationship with our creator and how we can best serve. We’ve had good reasons to quit for good, and we continued drinking or using drugs anyway.

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